London Cyclist blogger launches new Bike Doctor app for iPhone

App takes cyclists through 20 common repair issues to get them back in the saddle

by Simon_MacMichael   June 30, 2010  

Bike Doctor App screenshots.png

A new iPhone app from the blogger behind the London Cyclist Blog aims to take the pain out of bike maintenance for cyclists on the move by given a step-by-step guide to repairs that its creator says “even a beginner can follow.”

Blogger Andreas Kambanis built the app, called Bike Doctor, in partnership with Ron Forrester, creator of Cychosis App, and for today and tomorrow it is available for £1.19, a discount of 60% off its normal price, in the Apple App Store.

Andreas says that he decided to design the app to “make it as easy as possible for someone to look after their bike,” adding “I know how annoying it can be for someone to ride around with a badly maintained bike, hence the reason for creating the app.” Currently, the initial version of the app features 20 repairs, with the following video showing how it looks in operation.

Work is already under way on version 2 of the app, which Andreas says will include “more ‘emergency’ style bike repairs where you can fix the bike while you are on the road and a safety check for your bike to make sure it is all running correctly before you set off.”

He is also looking to create a similar app for phones on the Android operating system and is looking for a developer to help him do that so if you think you can help, or know someone else who can, please contact Andreas through the London Cyclist Blog website.