Verging On The Odd

by VecchioJo   July 28, 2009  


Strange things seen done on a ride.

#4 Road Kill

Just riding along, swearing at the newly resurfaced road and the thick gravel pinging the paint off my down-tube when from the hedge on the left a black cat darts out and runs across the road with a rabbit in it's mouth.


The cat sees me, panics, falters, drops its prey and scampers into the hedge on the right, leaving the rabbit convulsing in the road.
Hmm, that's not good, best put an end to that.
Wheel round, get off bike and stomp on the rabbits head.

Thumper obviously hasn't heard of the stiffness and efficient power transfer of a carbon sole and it takes a good half-dozen stamps* before the rabbit stops quivering, dead.

I'm glad I listened to the voices and put my oversocks on, all the blood would have been a bitch to get out of white Sidis.

*Bunny gets extra points for comedy cartoon eye poppage.

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that's the last time i look at before breakfast

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