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Strava adds ‘Points of Interest’ to its mapping tool

Landmarks, bike shops and cafes are marked out on the app and browser for subscribers and free users

Strava is expanding its ‘Maps’ tool with ‘Points of Interest’ now highlighted on the map in the app and browser to help users plan where to go and find essentials while on the move.

> Strava Premium (annual subscription)

The social fitness giant says it has combined the Open Street Maps’ database with the heatmap of its 95 million global athletes to identify the most popular spots and locations to be marked out on the map for its users. 

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When route planning, the base maps in the Strava app and on the browser now shows points of interest, which includes peaks, landmarks, photo spots, bike shops as well as popular start points. 

“While on the move, athletes in need of toilet facilities, water refill, or a snack break can reroute themselves to points like a water fountain, service station, or cafe via the Maps tab when the need arises,” Strava adds.

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It’s accessible on the web via the 'Routes' function, and through the 'Maps' tab on mobile.

This new feature will be available for all athletes on the platform, whether you have a subscription or not.

The Points of Interest tool is the first update to the app this year. Last year’s biggest update was the new Group Challenges functionality which allowed riders to create competitions themselves against fellow Strava users for the first time.

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