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Specialized brings 3D printed Mirror tech to the £390 S-Works Romin saddle

The 3D tech comes at a hefty premium with this S-Works model, but Specialized is promising "a statistically significant reduction in pressure"

One of Specialized’s longer-running saddle designs, the Romin, has been treated to 3D printed Mirror technology that is claimed to offer "a statistically significant reduction in pressure" of up to 25.95%.

With the release of the S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror, Specialized says that they are bringing this technology to what they say is their “pro-favourite shape that’s designed to protect blood flow and relieve pain in the most aggressive, race-inspired positions.”

Specialized S-Works Romin Mirror-2

The Romin Mirror apparently required “a unique concave shape flex-tuned FACT carbon shell” to create space for the Mirror print which uses 22,000 struts and 10,700 nodes. We’ll take Specialized’s word on that one.

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The point of using this type of design is to incorporate flex into the saddle where it is required while maintaining more support in other areas. Specialized says that there are further comfort gains to be had from the Mirror technology.

“Infinite tunability creates a larger, more even distribution of sit bone pressure with a ‘hammock’ effect, meaning the saddle does the work of supporting your weight, not the tissue around your sit bones,” says Specialized.

Specialized S-Works Romin Mirror-5

Specialized says that when compared to a traditional foam saddle, they measured a statistically significant reduction in pressure with the rider's hands in three different positions on the handlebar. With hands placed on the tops, the pressure was reduced by 18.25%, the hoods position was measured at 17.51% lower, and with hands placed in the drops, the greatest reduction of 25.95% was measured.

Soft tissue relief is something that we can all appreciate and Specialized says that the new S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror “uses a supportive, ergonomic cut-out to protect blood flow in delicate soft tissue by ensuring rider weight is supported by the pubic rami in an aggressive riding position, not soft tissue.”

Specialized S-Works Romin Mirror-6

While the Power saddle is one of the new breeds of shorter nose designs, the Romin has, for most of its existence, maintained a more traditional length, though it has become a bit shorter in recent years.

Specialized S-Works Romin Mirror-3

The Romin Mirror maintains the shape of the standard Romin, giving you a saddle that curves down from the tail before flattening in the middle and then falling away at the nose. Specialized recommends the Romin for riders who like to slide forward for an aggressive, aero position, and slide back with support for a tempo climbing position.

Specialized S-Works Romin Mirror-1

This version of the Romin Mirror follows the standard S-Works pattern of using 7x9mm FACT carbon rails. The claimed weight for the 143mm width is 190g and there is a 155mm size for those that need additional width.

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The price is £390, which puts it among the more expensive saddles out there. No 3D printed saddle is cheap although Fizik's Adaptive R3 VS Evo is £249.99. That's a saddle with Kium alloy rails and a claimed weight of 209g (139mm width).

We’ll be putting the Romin Mirror through its paces over the coming weeks but if you want one before we review it, they’re available from today.

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