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POC launches helmet with self-charging rear light

There are no on/off switches, charging ports or cables to be found on this new helmet, born out of a collaboration between POC and sustainable energy experts Exeger

The new POC Omne Eternal helmet features a self-powered rear light that claims to never need to be charged with a cable. It turns on automatically and charges itself from any light source.

2021 Poc Omne Eternal 4

The Swedish collaboration between POC and sustainability energy innovators Exeger sees the introduction of a fully solar-charging rear light integrated into the Omne helmet.

“Designed with seamless safety all a rider needs to think about is riding. The helmet is designed with sensors to monitor light conditions which will activate automatically when worn and when you take off the helmet the lights will stop automatically,” says POC.

Powered by the light harvesting technology Powerfoyle, this is said to be able to convert any light source indoors or outdoors, into clean energy to permanently power the rear light of the helmet.

2021 Poc Omne Eternal 3

“The more you use it, the more visible you are and the more we help restore the carbon balance of our planet,” says POC.

Sensors on the helmet record the light levels and, according to POC, automatically activate and de-activate the light when being worn.

With this self-reliant design, the helmet has no on/off switches, charging ports or cables—it is always charging when in light.

2021 Poc Omne Eternal 2

This smart-looking Uranium Black Matt lid also promises to be well-ventilated, with channels supporting enhanced airflow.

POC are no stranger to helmet innovation and have previously partnered with Volvo Cars to undertake what they claimed to be "world-first" series of crash tests to assess the impact on cycle helmets in collisions with cars “to make a direct comparison between wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet.”

The brand’s helmets have also definitely been different looking, especially when EF Pro Cycling added a duck onto Poc’s Tempor Aero TT lid at the Giro last year.

Available in June, you can submit your email address on POC’s website to get notified when the product is purchasable.

The cost? Apparently £500 according to the listing on the website, but various media outlets are reporting that the price will be 250 euros. We've contacted POC's UK sales organisation to confirm...

2021 Omne Eternal cost.JPG

Are you always forgetting to charge your lights and crave one of these?

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