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Oakley expands custom programme to give all riders a ‘one-of-a-kind piece’

Over 40 million different combinations allow you to get a unique finish

Oakley has launched its new customisation programme that allows riders to fully stylise and personalise eyewear, with more than 40 million different combinations to choose from.

2021 Oakley Custom 2

“With an emphasis on personalisation, you can set yourself apart and showcase your individuality through the customisation,” Oakley says.

Using Oakley's builder, sport performance and lifestyle sunglasses can be matched to your club or team kit, equipment or your own personal style.


From different parts of the frame itself, to lens tints, icons, earsocks and stems, there are up to six customisable components, depending on the model of the sunglasses.

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Sport models including the Sutro, Radar EV, Radarlock, EVZero and Flight Jacket can all be customised, as well lifestyle models such as the Holbrook, Frogskins and Turbine.


Etching onto the lens, with a phrase or nickname, is another way Oakley’s eyewear can be personalised.

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These unique configurations and colours options are said to “give everyone a one-of-a-kind piece”.

2021 Oakley Custom

With an almost endless choice of finishes, price varies according to the model and level of customisation.

Many custom models currently have a 20 percent discount on, including the Sutro and RadarEV.

The Oakley Custom Program is available at, as well as in Oakley stores and select Sunglass Hut stores.

Have a play around on the tool here. Does it give you all the customisation you could ever want?

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abedfo | 3 years ago

I'll stick to my €15 Ali express glasses thank you.

Rik Mayals unde... | 3 years ago

A few years ago I would definately have been interested in this. But ever since Oakley were sold out to Luxottica the quality has bombed. The last pair I bought had a dreadful quality issue. I had only had them for a short while when I noticed the metal arm tips were too short, and rubbed against the lenses and had worn a big mark on the lenses. Even though they were under warranty, I had to fight tooth and claw to get them to do something. Even then, all they wanted to do was to replace the lenses, the fault would happen again straight away. I dont wear my racing jackets any more, the wind blows through the vents and makes my eyes water, they slip down my nose all the time. I put them in a box and bought a pair of Smith Optics, which are a revelation. They are the quality Oakley used to be in the good old days.

Rendel Harris | 3 years ago

Wow, say goodbye to "that guy's wearing the same sunglasses as me" embarrassment! Phew, been bugging me for years, that.

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