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Loop Mount, a nifty phone mount for bikes has smashed its Kickstarter funding target

The CNC machined aluminium mount folds away when not needed

Promising a more discreet look than other phone holders, the Loop Mount is claimed to work with all major phones, holding them securely on “the bumpiest roads.”

We love a good Kickstarter project here at The website has given us some genius ideas and some absolute flops along with regular indicators for bikes. The Loop Mount looks to be in the useful category with a neat solution for mounting your phone on the handlebar or stem without the need for a special phone case. When not in use, the Loop mount folds up, which the inventors say makes the Loop Mount more discreet than other phone holders.

They've also more than met their funding target of £20,000 with 3,792 currently pledging over £200,000.

Loop Mount Kickstarter 3

The Loop Mount is claimed to fit round handlebar sizes from 22.2mm to 31.8mm, though it also apparently “fits some round(ish) stems.”

Loop Mount Kickstarter 4

With any system that holds your phone, security is often a main concern. The Loop’s designers says that “industrial springs” have been used and they’ve done 200 hours of testing to ensure the system is “secure enough on the bumpiest roads.” Despite this, they don’t recommend off-road riding.

Loop Mount Kickstarter 1

The Loop opens to 80mm which is claimed to be wide enough to take the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus is also compatible. 

From the video posted on the Loop’s Kickstarter page, the clamps are designed to grip onto the sides of your phone, not the head and chin. As a result, mounting the phone on the handlebar will put your phone in landscape while mounting on the stem keeps things in portrait orientation. 

Currently, you can pledge £29 and get a Loop Mount when they eventually start shipping in October.

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Bishop0151 | 3 years ago

I got my hands on one of these, and I have to say that I'm impressed.

There was some delay due to Covid impcating production and shipping, but communication around these issues was quite open and honest. By and large they pulled the stops out to get items delivered to most backers for Christmas.

I think the build quality justified the price, although that's a movable goal. It's solid aluminitum construction seems pretty bomb proof. I'd be surpried if it was significantly damaged in any crash. Even if your phone doesn't survive, you'll have a phonme holder for the replacement.

The jaws that clamp the phone opperate on a sort of spring ratchet mechanism. As you pull one jaw open the opposite jaw opens by the same amount automatically. Place your phone in and let go, the jaws auotmatically clamp your phone centered in the unit. The clapng area is cushioned with dense foam, so it has a secure grip without risking marks on your phone. While it's not rated for offroad use, I intend to give it a go with some light trail and gravel and see how it goes. This is based on clamping my old backup phone into the unit and shaking the hell out of it over my bed to see at what point did it let go. It just wouldn't, I was impressed.

Limitations, as mentioned in the article, you can't change the orientation. So bars mount has to be landscape and stem mount for portrate. It will accomodate phones up to 80 mm wide which should do the majority of people. Those who have bigger phones probably don't want to risk hanging them out on the bars. The other limitation not mentioned in the article is depth or thickness. If you have a protective cover on the phone, it may be too thick for the clamps. My current phone, with a protective case is 12.3 mm, this fits, but only just fits. It is 9.8 mm without the case, and is noticably more secure in the clamps. So if your phone and case is thicker than 12 mm, then this may not be suitable.

LetsBePartOfThe... | 3 years ago

will this allow me to still text whilst I'm cycling along  1

Hirsute replied to LetsBePartOfTheSolution | 3 years ago
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Sure - voice input. But no swearing on the close passes.

Municipal Waste | 4 years ago

Can I get one for a 15" Macbook Pro?

RoubaixCube | 4 years ago

Hmmmm.... The design is definitely a good one. Its obvious a lot of thought has gone into it but £30 is a bit much for a few small peices of aluminum. £8-10 buys you one of them rubber ones off amazon. While they dont look as good and probably wont last as long. for most people its probably quite serviceable.


I do really really like the neat and compact design though

TheBillder replied to RoubaixCube | 4 years ago

Perhaps a Mr G Ritchie of that London might be in the market for one...

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