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Five cool things coming soon from Santa Cruz, Giant, Lezyne, Spatzwear and Miss Grape

We're back with a bang in 2021, featuring an exciting selection of gear and clothing that we're testing at the moment with full reviews coming soon...

It is 2021, but we still have lots of interesting products released towards the end of last year which we have been testing over the hols! Here's our top five... 

Giant Airway Dual Side Bottle Cage


2021 Giant Airway Dual Side Bottle Cage 1.jpg

The Airway Dual Side bottle cage from Giant promises to be ideal for smaller sized and compact frames where the bottle cage can be difficult to access. Easy use from both the left and right hand is said to be possible thanks to its a reversible cage design.

How easy is it to grab your bottles and do they stay in place on rides, even with some rougher terrain? Stu Kerton has fitted the cage to his bike and his full report will be landing shortly…

Santa Cruz Reserve 50 road wheels

2021 Santa Cruz Reserve 50 road wheels - rim.jpg

Set up tubeless or with tubes, these 50mm deep aerodynamic profile wheels from Santa Cruz, sit in between the 35mm and 65mm options in the brand’s Reserve road wheel range. Designed in collaboration with the aero experts at Cervelo, this 1620g wheelset aims to deliver “the optimal blend of gram savings, on the scales and in the wind tunnel”.

24 spokes are laced to either a DT 180, 240 or 350 hub. With an internal width of 21mm the recommended tyre width for these 700c wheels are 25mm to 35mm. How well do these perform? Stu Kerton has been rolling on the roads with these sleek looking wheels and will deliver his verdict very soon…

Lezyne Laser Drive Rear 250


2021 Lezyne Laser Drive Rear 250.jpg

This Laser Drive Rear light from Lezyne is interesting because it beams two safety strips on the ground in its laser-mode and this is said to last 7 hours and 45 minutes in laser solid mode and 15 hours in laser flash. The IPX7 water resistant light has a maximum output of 250 lumen and multiple modes including a daytime flash setting which is described as “highly disruptive”. It reportedly will last for up to 17 hours and 30 minutes in Flash 2 mode.

Compatibility wise, it can be fitted to aero and round seatposts and for recharging it has a micro-USB design. I have been testing this rear light in daylight and low light riding conditions and my full report, with details on all of the settings, will be landing shortly…

Spatzwear BASEZ 2 Black Baselayer


2021 Spatzwear BASEZ 2 Black Baselayer.jpg

The BASEZ 2 Baselayer from Spatzwear is designed to trap the warmth in as well as moving moisture away from the skin. To guard against wind chill, the chest area and the front of the arms are thicker and greater warmth is provided in these places. Also incorporated into the base layer is a high neck to prevent draughts, thumb loops to keep this first layer in place at all times and a dropped rear section for providing lower back protection. Weighing 163g it is relatively lightweight for the thermal qualities it promises. Matt Page has been layering up for the particularly chilly winter rides of late, with the BASEZ 2 and his full report will be coming soon…

Miss Grape Moon Handlebar Bag


2021 Miss Grape Moon Handlebar Bag.jpg

Produced in Italy, this 2 litre capacity handlebar bag from Miss Grape is made from a nylon and polyester mix for its water-repellent and durable qualities. To keep its shape, this bag has a rigid plastic interior and access inside is easy thanks to the zip at the top of the bag. Other features include two wrap around straps at the rear for carrying a pump or a small tripod and mesh pockets at the side for wrappers. How easy is this bag for accessing your essentials? Matt Page has strapped this bag to his bike with its cam buckle fastening system and will be delivering his verdict shortly…

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Anna has been hooked on bikes ever since her youthful beginnings at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. As an avid road and track racer, she reached the heady heights of a ProCyclingStats profile before leaving for university. Having now completed an MA in Multimedia Journalism, she’s hoping to add some (more successful) results. Although her greatest wish is for the broader acceptance of wearing funky cycling socks over the top of leg warmers.

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