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Engo Eyewear unveils smart sunglasses with lenses displaying real-time data so you can 'keep your eyes on the road'

Performance data is said to feel as though it is floating about five feet in front of you; this Head Up display is promised to provide a ‘safer experience’

Engo Eyewear has announced the launch of its new line of sports sunglasses that enable riders to view performance data in real-time without looking down at the bars, providing up to 12 hours of use to cover all-day endurance rides and coming in at a respectively light 42 grams.

2021 EngoEyewearCyclingonRoad

The USP of these sunnies are their ActiveLook technology, which according to Engo Eyewear, “seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art AMOLED microdisplays with high-definition optics to project the user’s critical performance data directly into their field-of-view”.

This isn’t the first time we’re seen wearable smart tech used on cycling glasses. We reviewed Everysight’s Raptor glasses, for example, which came with built-in GPS, HD camera, microphone, speakers for music, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and a head-up display. However, the battery life, 101g weight and £699 were noticeable issues.

2021 EngoEyewearLens

Engo Eyewear promises this is achieved without obstructing vision, even in low light conditions. “The Head Up display also offers a safer experience for the athlete as they will not have to take their eyes off the road to see their performance metrics,” Engo Eyewear adds.

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AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes and is typically used in smartphones.

“With AMOLED displays, each pixel emits a greater amount of light enhancing the display’s clarity and visibility in all lighting conditions,” Engo Eyewear explains.

This ActiveLook microdisplay technology was recognised with an Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2021.

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Engo Eyewear pairs with bike computers, GPS watches, smart phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices to display performance data directly in front of your eyes. Well, “[the] data feels as though it is floating about 5.5 feet in front of the user,” Engo Eyewear says.

With Engo Eyewear’s companion mobile app, users are able to personalise their viewing experience and display details such as heart rate, elapsed time, speed, power, distance and elevation - you are able to choose to have the data displayed that is important to you, and you can even change this up mid-ride.

Touchless operation allows riders to simply wave their hand in front of the lenses to toggle through different data displays while on the move, Engo Eyewear explains.

These smart lenses are not just smart, the Photochromic NXT lenses are designed to instantly adjust the display brightness with changing light conditions, providing clear vision as well as 100% ultraviolet protection.

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Engo Eyewear says its frames are impact resistant and made with 3D print technology using polyamide - this has enabled the brand to make a lightweight package, the glasses weigh in at a claimed 42 grams.

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Flexible thermoplastic temples and nose piece are both adjustable, and Engo Eyewear says its 100% fit guarantee ensures a comfortable, secure fit, alongside the clear view of the user’s data.

Do you want your riding data constantly overlaid on the countryside you’re riding through? Online cycling platform Zwift have recently done the opposite by introducing a Hide Display function that’s intended to allow you to exercise without distraction, and that’s just to see the virtual landscape around you.

Engo Eyewear is offering its new smart sports glasses for an introductory price of $397 (~£290) and for a limited time athletes can receive an additional $60 (~£44) saving with the code TrainWithEngo at

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