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Cadex launches versatile and lightweight 36 Disc WheelSystem

Giant's high-end component brand says lateral stiffness to weight ratio is much higher than rival wheels from Zipp, Bontrager and Roval

Cadex has released its brand-new 36 Disc WheelSystem as a versatile, lightweight composite option, with claims of “unrivalled acceleration, efficiency and smooth-riding control, even on rough roads and in gusty winds”. Cadex says that the wheelset weighs 1,302g and offers considerably higher stiffness to weight than key rivals from the likes of Zipp, Bontrager and Roval.

2021 CADEX 36 DISC FW_2

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Cadex says its new low 36mm rim profile features a precision reinforced lay-up with carbon fibre positioned only where it is needed for a strong, stiff rim structure that also offers stability in shifting winds.

2021 CADEX 36 DISC FW_1

“Featuring a hookless rim design with optimal 22.4mm internal width and 36mm depth, it delivers unbeatable acceleration and climbing efficiency as well as confident handling on descents, in the wind and on varied terrain,” says Cadex.

With a reinforced carbon layup and high tensile strength carbon aero spokes, Cadex claims the transmission stiffness to weight ratio (see below) is over 40% better than that of Zipp’s 303 Firecrest Tubeless, Bontrager’s Aeolus RSL 37 and Roval’s Alpinist CLX wheels.

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“For transmission stiffness testing, the rear wheel is secured at the axle, the valve hole in the rim is fixed and torsional force is applied to the freehub. The more the hub rotates, or ‘winds up’, within the wheel torsionally, the less transmission stiffness the wheel has,” explains Cadex.

2021 CADEX 36 DISC RW_2

Improved lateral stiffness to weight is also promised thanks to superlight and stiff carbon spokes that minimise wheel flex. Cadex claims this is over 30 percent higher than the Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubeless, Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 and Roval Alpinist CLX wheels.

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“Less torsional and lateral flex mean increased rider input and less energy wasted as well as added stability and control under cornering load,” says Cadex.

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Precision machined Cadex R1-C30 hubs are said to be included for efficiency as the ceramic bearings are 1.5 times as smooth as steel.

2021 CADEX 36 DISC RW_1

Stability and control should be also no problem according to Cadex: “Hookless rim design with a wide 22.4mm inner rim width provides greater support for today’s high-volume tyres, as class-leading lateral stiffness and a 36mm rim depth deliver outstanding control while cornering and descending, or in gusty winds.

“The 22.4mm inner rim width creates an increased tyre contact patch for better traction and impact absorption, better handling, more confidence and less rider fatigue.”

Cadex suggests using 25mm to 32mm tyres with this new tubeless wheelset.

Availability will be from September onwards and the wheels will be retailing at £1099 for the front and £1399 for the rear.

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