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Bontrager’s new AW3 road tyre line-up promises fewer flats

Updated sub-tread layer offers 78% better defence against punctures, according to US brand

Bontrager has updated its AW3 road tyre line-up with new Hard-Case Lite and Hard-Case models that feature improved puncture protection, as well as an extra reflective sidewall option across all sizes in the range.

2021 Bontrager AW3 3

The Hard-Case Lite and Hard-Case are the brand’s “set-it-and-forget-it road tyre”, with excellent defence against flats, a long-lasting tread and traction suitable for any season, according to Bontrager.

The updated sub-tread layer is made with a weave of nylon and aramid that is said to provide more protection while maintaining the AW3’s ride quality.

2021 Bontrager AW3 1

The previous iteration of the Hard-Case Lite tyres, which we reviewed back in 2015, impressed with how it rolled quickly and gripped securely in all conditions even with its puncture-resisting layer.

78% better protection against punctures compared to its predecessor is promised on the new AW3 Hard-Case Lite. This claim has been independently validated by the third-party tyre-testing company Wheel Energy, says Bontrager.

The Hard-Case has the same sub-tread layer as the Lite version, but also comes with an additional bead-to-bead nylon ply which is said to deliver more durability and protection against flats.

Both levels of puncture protection are available in four widths: 25mm, 28mm, 32mm and 39mm.

The AW3 Hard-Case Lite models are also available with reflective sidewalls in all these sizes.

2021 Bontrager AW3 4

"All AW3 tyres use a proprietary TR-Endure compound that's long-lasting and durable on any road surface and feature a textured shoulder tread with a smooth-rolling centre," says Bontrager.

Bontrager tyres are backed by the brand’s Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee, which is a 30-day return scheme.

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