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6 cycling gadgets from CES 2021

The Consumer Electronics Show has gone online this year; some of the products look incredibly helpful, others look weird and wacky

There are always some interesting bike-related products at the CES technology show, and here are the most notable from this year's event which has been held digitally. Of course, the word 'interesting' can cover a lot of different things...

Julbo EVAD-1

2021 Julbo evad-1

When you slip these glasses on over the straps of your helmet, your cycling data appears right before your eyes. Literally. Integrating Microled’s ActiveLook technology, the EVAD-1s display sports performance data live and directly in your field of view—you don’t need to do anything to start seeing the data, thanks to its head-up display.

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Heart rate, speed and distance, are all projected on the lens of the glasses and with a 12 hour runtime these should cover most workout and event lengths. With Bluetooth connectivity, the EVAD-1 glasses will, at some point, be able to be paired with other devices. 

Sounds pretty cool, right? These are winners of the CES Honoree Innovation Award.

JLab JBuds Frames

2021 JLab JBuds

Fancy having some earphones you can switch from your Oakleys to your Ray-Bans when off the bike?

Instead of building audio into a pair of sunglasses, the JBuds Frames allow you to turn any of your glasses into a wireless audio source—these aren’t permanent and can be swapped between eyewear based on preference or occasion.

The JBuds don’t use bone conduction, instead there’s a small speaker on the bottom side of each unit that points the sound directly down into your ears. This will obviously not give you the same audio quality as buds inserted into the ear, but is said to sound better than bone conduction options. With the open ear design you’ll also still be able to hear the surroundings around you.

These offer an 8+ hour playtime and take 2 hours to charge. Available early spring, these will be retailing for $50.

Livall C20 and BH51M NEO

With a brand slogan of “Redefine Your Safety”, the smart and safety cycling helmet brand Livall, has launched its new C20 and BH51M NEO products at CES.

2021 Livalll C20

The Livall C20 (£69.99) is a helmet for the city commuter with its smart lighting that comes on automatically in dark conditions and brake warning lights. Also it features fall detection technology, which triggers the helmet’s emergency system automatically in an accident, sending your GPS location to emergency contacts.

2021 Livall BH51M

The Livall BH51M Neo (£149.99) comes with even more innovative features as well as those found on the C20. A patented SOS Alert system is built in and can be activated by pressing the red button on the remote for five seconds. GPS directions from your connected smartphone can also be heard via built-in speakers, which allows you to keep your eyes on the road.

Bowflex VeloCore bike

2021 Bowflex Velocore bike

Another winner of a CES Honoree Innovation Award, the VeloCore smart indoor bike from Bowflex features an innovative Lean Mode for giving your core and upper body a thorough workout while you pump on the pedals. In this setting users can push and pull the bike from side-to-side, in such a way that it is said to replicate the movement of outdoor cycling. If that tires you out, it can also be switched to a lock-out mode so that the bike is rigid and stationary, like a traditional trainer.

This indoor bike connects with the JRNY fitness service on a 22-inch HD touch screen for custom coaching and a library of trainer-led content. It also works with third party apps including Zwift and Peloton, and supports the streaming services of Netflix and Disney+…

Vaimoo Integrated e-Bike Sharing System


Vaimoo is an Honoree winner, gaining the award for its fast deployable e-bike fleets, both docked and free-floating, which are manufactured using recycled material.

Vaimoo has an advanced management platform that helps optimise operations of fleet distribution and maintenance through artificial intelligence algorithms, real-time geo-location and operational data from the field. This helps reduce costs, as well as increasing the service quality for e-bike fleets.

Sustainable transport opportunities are being brought to more urban areas thanks to Vaimoo.

Amazfit Neo

2021 Amazfit Neo

Blending style with functionality, the retro Neo from Amazfit has a four sided screen with an always-on display and is equipped with four buttons. This watch integrates an innovative PAI (personal activity intelligence) Health Assessment System, for keeping on track of your health at a glance and without having to be on top of the more complex data.

The Neo monitors your sleep so you can gain a clearer understanding of your sleep patterns. With its BioTracker it can apparently even spot a 20 minute nap taken between 11am and 6pm.

The charge is said to lasting at least 28 days, which is amazing for a product of this kind.

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NPlus1Bikelights | 3 years ago

Please do add more of your thoughts to the spiel they provided Anna instead of so much copy pasting.

LCD watch has "an always-on display" Wow, I am stunned. 2021 tech. Four sided screen - as opposed to?

This tech list needs adding to that swiss army cycle computer one of your writers got for Christmas.

mdavidford replied to NPlus1Bikelights | 3 years ago

NPlus1BikelightsNJerseys wrote:

Four sided screen - as opposed to?

Sriracha | 3 years ago

Julbo seem to have messed up big time with those Microled specs. The writing's going to be backwards for the wearer!  3 Surprised the judges never noticed.

mikemorini | 3 years ago

Bowflex VeloCore - a wobbly spin bike, with a telly built in.  Hardly ground breaking tech is it.  At  $1700 +, it's aimed at the Peloton crowd I guess.

zero_trooper replied to mikemorini | 3 years ago


'nuff said 

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