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Lightweight’s new wheels are tubeless, gravel and disc brake ready and cost up to £7,319

All-new carbon layup, tubeless and disc brake compatible for latest evolution of iconic German company’s lightweight wheels

German carbon wheel specialist Lightweight, as used by Team Ineos at the Tour de France this summer, has launched new Generation EVO wheels.

Generation EVO represents an update to four models in its current line-up and brings disc brake and tubeless compatibility.

team ineos riding2.JPG

- Exclusive: Team Ineos riding Lightweight wheels at Tour de France. Team confirms use of two wheel brands at the race

The rims also feature all-new carbon fibre layups with the spokes made with “special CRGP fibres”, changes which now enable the company to say the wheels are fit for gravel and cyclocross riding. They do have a 120kg max system weight, that’s rider and bike together.

Lightweight says the new wheels are “more stable, more durable and more efficient but also more versatile than ever.”


The Meilenstein is the wheelset used by Tea  Ineos this summer and is the company’s lightest wheelset. The Meilenstein EVO weighs a claimed 1,380g and costs £4,499.


The Wegweiser EVO is aimed at climbing duties with a lower profile rim. It weighs a claimed 1,450g and costs £3,499


The Fernweg EVO is an aerodynamic wheelset with a choice of two deep section rim profiles.  The 63mm wheelset weighs 1,695g and the 85mm is 1,765. They cost £7,319.

These are welcome but long-overdue updates from Lightweight, but with these prices are they just pricing themselves out of a seriously competitive carbon wheel market? 

More info at

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efail | 4 years ago

My wife thought that price was for just one. How silly can you get?

peted76 replied to efail | 4 years ago
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efail wrote:

My wife thought that price was for just one. How silly can you get?

So you told her there was an unmissable BOGOF offer and brought some right?

duzza | 4 years ago

The Wegweiser is the new 'affordable' wheel from the brand, not the 'climbing' wheel. The climbing wheelset  is called Gipfelsturm. 

RobD | 4 years ago

Other than the lower price, I don't see the point in buying the wegweisers, they're shallower so in theory less aero, and heavier? or are the reported weights on here incorrect?

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