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Five cool things about the Sigma ROX 12.0

We've had a nosey at the GPS of choice for Team Sunweb in more detail. Here are the top five need-to-knows that might not be so obvious at first glance...

We've already reviewed the new Sigma ROX 12.0 GPS computer, with the unit impressing for its simplicity, huge number of data options and bright colour touchscreen. 

Review: Sigma Rox 12.0 

So without further ado here are five more cool things about it, the bonus sixth being that it comes in a cool box according to Dave...

1. Loads of stuff

Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport Set GPS computer - set.jpg

An out-front mount, GoPro mount, two extra stem mounts, a speed/cadence sensor and a heart rate monitor all come as part of the bundle deal; everything you need to get started and more. 

2. Connectivity

Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport Set GPS computer - menu.jpg

We've found positioning to be quick and accurate, picking up GPS and GLONASS signals. It's compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth, you can get advanced power data and connect to any current electronic groupset. One thing it doesn' do show calls and messages from your on-screen; although in a world where some of us want to get away from it all, this could actually be considered a good thing...

3. Customisation

The Rox is set up with four different profiles out of the box, and you can have ten data fields across six screens in total. If there's a particular metric you want to see clearer you can blow it up, and there's a separate page for mapping. 

4. There are loads of way to use it

Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport Set GPS computer - nav menu.jpg

As well as a fitness tool, you can also use the Rox 12.0 as a full-blown Sat Nav pretty much. When you key in a postcode or address it gives you three main route options; you can also re-ride old rides and find out some new 

5. It's really responsive

Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport Set GPS computer - menu 3.jpg

We've found there's no lag on the screen and the Rox is really fast even when loading maps. When it's raining the Rox will realise this and protect the screen, and it's also perfectly useable with gloves... what's not to like! 


What do you think of the Sigma Rox 12? Let us know in the comments...

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