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Specialized launches another Sagan Collection of limited edition bikes and accessories

Peter Sagan is so popular he gets his own custom collection of bikes. Again

It’s another Sagan Collection, a limited edition range of bikes and accessories painted in a unique colour scheme to honour the impressive achievements of Peter Sagan.

Sagan Collection 201913.jpg

Not for the first time has Specialized produced a Sagan Collection, but these latest round of specially designed bikes is lot better looking than the brash gold of the previous range.

Sagan Collection 201921.jpg

This latest Sagan Collection is titled Chasing Rainbows and has been designed to “capture Peter’s two personalities, Overexposed and Underexposed,” representing the two sides of the world champion.

Sagan Collection 20197.jpg

It appears to be an update of the Sagan Collection launched at the 2018 Tour de France with the same two-tone design, but different colours this time. The complete bikes also feature smaller logos on the Roval wheels giving a more understated appearance though the mirror treatment still provides a bit of bling.

Sagan Collection 201911.jpg

Overexposed features loud silvers and prominent rainbows and is very much alluding to his star presence. Underexposed meanwhile is more subtle with blacks and greys for when he wants to stay out of the spotlight and slip under the radar.


The collection includes bikes, obviously, with the S-Works Tarmac, Venge and Allez Sprint, all models that he has ridden once or twice this season. You have a choice of framesets priced from £1,350 up to complete bikes costing £10,250. Oddly there’s no Roubaix option…

Sagan Collection 201915.jpg

If you want a slice of the Sagan Collection on a smaller budget, there’s a range of accessories you can pick from, including the Evade aero helmet or S-Works 7 shoes. There are also tyres, t-shirts and socks.

Sagan Collection 201914.jpg

How limited is the range? Just 20 of each bike and frame will be produced and less than 50 shoes and helmets for each size. Those numbers will ensure these become very exclusive and rare products and means you better act quick if you want to get your hands on any of it.

Here are all the prices:



S-Works Tarmac Disc-Sagan Collection Overexposed Ltd bike- SRP £10,000.00
S-Works Venge Di2-Sagan Collection Overexposed Ltd bike- SRP £10,250.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc Frameset- Sagan Collection Mirror Ltd- SRP £3500.00
S-Works Venge Frameset- Sagan Collection Mirror Ltd- SRP £3900.00
Allez Sprint Disc Frameset- Sagan Collection Overexposed Ltd- SRP £1,350.00



S-Works Evade with ANGi- Sagan Collection Ltd- SRP £240.00
S-Works 7 Road Shoes- Sagan Collection Ltd- SRP £350.00
Turbo Cotton tyre- Sagan Collection Ltd- SRP £61.00
Tri-Blend Crew Tee- Sagan Collection Ltd- SRP £35.00
Road Tall Socks- Sagan Collection Ltd- SRP £17.00


Cynical marketing move it may by Specialized, but there's no denying the incredible popularity of Sagan. He's box office material and the third Sagan Collection is a testament to his ability to sell bikes. Plus, they're pretty decent looking paint schemes and I wouldn't hesitate to choose one over a stock frame colour.

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