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CHPT3 collaborate with POC for new helmet and sunglasses

David Millar's CHPT3 and Swedish helmet and apparel brand POC have teamed up for a special version of the Ventral SPIN helmet and new eyewear, inspired by Girona's Devisa forest

The design firm CHPT3 owned by David Millar have teamed up with POC for a special edition of the POC Ventral SPIN helmet and two pairs of shades, with the patterns inspired by the Devisa Forest in Girona. 

Chpt3 launches Girona everyday performance clothing range

chpt3 x poc 1

The Devesa pattern has been applied to the shell of the Ventral SPIN, POC's top-end aero road helmet, with the Chpt3 logo adorning the sides. Like a lot of aero gear released nowadays POC claimed it was the fastest you can buy when it was launched back in May, and also the lightest and most ventilated (read more about that here). Adam Blythe has already worn this version on the opening night of London Six Day in the Derny race, and if you want one too it will cost you £270.   

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 17.03.16

The eyewear on offer is the Crave (above) for performance cycling and the Require casual shades, costing £215 and £205 respectively.

Explaining what the inspiration was for the designs, David Millar says: “The impressive trees of the Devesa here in Girona had our minds racing with every journey past. It was impossible to miss the number ‘3’ imprinted in nature. Using advanced texture generation software, we brought the camouflage-like pattern to life digitally, with layers of visual density used to create a recognisable pattern - a graphical expression of the great lung of Girona and our latest collection: Devesa.”

If he didn't head up a design company now, we reckon Millar could have a stab at poetry based of the whimsical quote above... head over to CHPT3 and/or POC's websites for more info on the products.  

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