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Rapha launch Ltd Edition Apple luggage… again

You can now buy Rapha's Apple sleeves and bags from Rapha

Rapha likes collaborations and its latest is with Apple, with the London-based clothing firm developing a range of cases and sleeves for MacBooks and iPads.

But hang on, didn’t Rapha already launch this back in June? That’s what we thought as well, so we’ve asked them. It would appear where previously you could only buy these products through the Apple store, you can now only buy them directly from Rapha, so maybe that is what has changed.

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But in case you missed that launch first time around, let’s quickly run through what it’s all about. The products are all designed by Rapha and the range features bags and cases made in Portugal from “hard-wearing” Italian fabrics with cushioned padding to protect the expensive devices and durable water repellant fabrics to keep the weather out, along with AquaGuard zippers.

There’s influence from Rapha’s Brevet range in the design of the bags, with high visibility colours blue and yellow, or black if you want to be understated, with reflective details to ensure you stand out, whether on the road or in the coffee shop queue.

Naturally, these aren’t cheap cases. Prices start at £50 for the Tech Organise Kit and rise to £115 for the Convertible Tote/Backpack, and includes a £100 Mini Messenger bag and £50 sleeves for iPads and MacBooks.

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