2018 NAHBS Award Winners: Stunning handbuilt bikes scoop awards

2018 NAHBS Award Winners:

Are these some of the most beautiful bikes you’ve ever seen?

The judges at the annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show clearly thought so, as each of the bikes pictured on this page was handed a prestigious award.

The show has been going since 2005 and brings together some of the finest handbuilt bicycles from around the world. It’s held over three days and there were more than 150 exhibitors this year, which must surely make picking the best bikes tricky.

- Great custom handbuilt frames — from makers who can craft your dream frame

“There were so many novel bikes exhibited this year, it was truly a spectacle. I’m very pleased with how the show turned out, and all of the exhibitors and attendees I spoke with shared the same enthusiasm and energy of the show. It was a special year for NAHBS,” said Don Walker, Founder and President of NAHBS

Best in Show Award: Altruiste Bicycle Company

President’s Choice: SaltAir

Judges Special Award: No 22 Bicycle Company

Best Mountain Bike: Altruiste Bicycle Company

Best Cyclocross Bike: Triton Bikes

Best Gravel Bike: Breismeister Bicycles

Best Tandem Bike: Chapman Cycles

Best Track Bike: T°RED Bikes

Best Road Bike: J.P. Weigle

Best City/Utility Bike: SaltAir

Best Finish:  Enigma Bicycleworks

Best Artisan Bike: Black Sheep Bikes

Best New Exhibitor: Eyewater Bicycles

Best Lugged Frame: J.P. Weigle

Best Fillet Brazed Frame:  Bishop Bikes

Best TIG Welded Frame: Bingham Built Cycles

Best Lay Up Frame: Crumpton Cycles 


Additional awards from select sponsors were also given:

The Columbus Awards went to the following:

Don Walker Cycles


Stinner Frameworks


The Campagnolo Awards went to:



Enigma Bicycle Works

And the SILCA Award went to: 

FiftyOne Bikes





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