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New Canyon Ultimate CF Evo weighs 4.96kg and costs £11,599

Canyon launches its lightest ever road bike but the price tag isn't so light

Back in 2015 Canyon stunned the crowds at Eurobike by unveiling its lightest ever road bike, the 4.96kg Ultimate CF Evo. Questions about pricing and availability quickly followed but the German company kept quiet. Until today: it has just launched two models with the most expensive version setting you back £11,599. Better start saving…

Canyon is offering two versions of the Ultimate CF Evo, each based around the same frame that retains the same design and tube shaping as the regular Ultimate CF SLX, but utilises a far more advanced and costly carbon fibre layup. The result is a 665g frame and 270g fork. To put that in perspective, a regular Ultimate CF SLX weighs 780g for the frame and 295g for the fork. 


It’s offering two builds, and the lighter version is actually the more affordable of the two. The 10.0 LTD weighs 5.8kg and the 10.0 SL comes in at 4.96kg. Prices are, and I hope you’re sitting down for this, £11,599 and £8,999 respectively. We’ll let that sink in for a moment. You can also buy the frameset in electronic and mechanical gear versions for £2,949. 

As well as the lightweight frame and fork, the 10.0 LTD owes its lightness to a dream list of components, including Lightweight Meilenstein Clincher wheels (1,210g) with a SRAM Red eTap groupset and a THM Clavicula M3 SRM chainset

The 10.0 SL sheds even more weight courtesy of Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer tubular wheels (935g for the pair) with Ceramic Speed bearings, a SRAM Red 22 groupset and THM Clavicula Sine Exception cranks (293g). The SRAM brake calipers are substituted for THM Fibula brakes (120g a piece) with Tune brake shoes. 


The idea for creating a super light version of the Ultimate was raised during the development of the latest version of the frameset. “During the development of the latest 4th  generation Ultimate CF SLX, Canyon engineers explored the potential of raising the bar of frameset performance to new levels. Combining their leading carbon expertise with state-of-the-art materials previously unused in the industry, they were able to create the Ultimate CF EVO,” says the company. 

The new Ultimate CF Evo retains the key features and outline of the regular model, there’s no special frame design here, instead, the layup has been refined and high-grade carbon fibre utilised. “The secrets behind its outstanding figures lie within an extensively optimised layup, consisting of ultra-high modulus pitch-based fibres that required special permission from the Japanese Ministry of Defence to access. These fibres enable the Ultimate CF EVO to deliver previously unheard of levels of stiffness and responsiveness at its incredibly low weight. Each part of the bike, from its fork to its seatpost to its integrated cockpit, has been subjected to the same tests and standards as the rest of the Ultimate range, to create a bike that is meant for the roads, not the trophy case,” adds the company. 


It’s light, but is it the lightest? No. Trek’s Emonda SLR 10 weighs 4.6kg, Merida’s Scultura 9000 Ltd comes in at 4.55kg and you can get an AX Lightness Vial Evo Ultra that tickles the scales to just 4.4kg. 

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