Lights, camera and lots of action with Vudu7’s fully integrated smart computer

Vudu7 launches feature-packed smart computer that does just about everything

Is this the smartest cycling computer you've ever seen? Quite possibly, we reckon. Vudu7 has launched the V, a fully integrated smart computer that houses a pair of 1200 lumen LED lights, a 1080p HD video camera, an 110db siren, stereo speakers for listening to musing, Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible to connect sensors, and a SIM card slot so it can be used as a phone. 

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The company proudly boasts that this is the all in one system for cyclists. "We wanted a single device that could do everything well at an affordable price…” explains Ian Dunn, Vudu7’s CEO. “There are many great individual lights, sirens, and computer products on the market but nothing like the V in one neat convenient and affordable package."

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We’re in the era of connected smart devices with electronics playing an ever bigger part in cycling, from wireless gears to smart trainers and smartphones that can track all your data and route during a ride. The new V looks to decreased clutter on your handlebars massively with a device that packs just about everything you could possibly want, or ever need, in one pretty compact device. 

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It’s powered by Android smartphone software with a powerful quad-core processor, with a 4in touchscreen to navigate its many features. The use of Android as the operating system means you have access to many apps, and we presume most of your favourites like Strava will be compatible. It can do basic ride data like distance and speed and use GPS can provide turn-by-turn route navigation. 

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There’s a pair of 1200 lumen lights integrated into the unit, a spot and wide angle beam, and the brightness can be controlled via the computer. There’s also a wide-angle 1080p HD video camera and you can also take still photos and GPS tag them. The Snapshot mode can take photographs at pre-determined intervals.  

Other features include a siren horn with multiple sounds to choose from, a stereo speaker so you can listen to music during a ride (and annoy your cycling companions), a tamper alarm that detects movement of the bicycle and can track your bike if stolen, and a crash alert that detects a crash and can send an SMS message to a friend. 

You can even plug your SIM card into the V so you can leave your smartphone safely in your jersey pocket and allows the device to operate all the functions of a phone, and you can make calls and send SMS messages. 

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Powering all these features is an 8000 mAh battery which the company claims is good for a full day. The V is packaged in a tough polycarbonate case and is IP67 rated, and there’s a supplied aluminium handlebar mount. The V weighs 360g and measures 20 x 70  x 135mm.  

What do you think? Is the V for you?

If you’re interested, the company is soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign but it is offering the first 1,000 units for a special price of $300, saving you $150. You can register your interest on the website and you’ll get an email as soon as the offer is live. 

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