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Rotor launches dual-sided 2INpower power meter

There’s another new power meter in town, this one measures both legs

Not a week passes without a new power meter being launched, it seems. It’s one of the hottest product categories in performance cycling at the moment and there are many companies vying for your interest in measuring power, whether it’s for racing or simply to train more effectively. 

First spotted on the Dimension Data team bikes at the Tour Down Under, Spanish company Rotor has now launched its new dual-sided 2INpower power meter. It will cost £1,200.

Rotor 2INpower 8.jpg

Rotor first launched its INpower power meter crankset last year, which just measured power from the left leg. The new 2INpower measures power from both legs, allowing you to analyse power balance and pedalling performance in greater detail. 

The new power meter adds an additional set of four strain gauges to the right crank arm, to go along with the four strain gauges already located in the bottom bracket axle to measure left leg power.

Rotor 2INpower 5.jpg

The extra strain gauges will allow you to make better use of the TORQUE 360 and Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) to assess your pedal stroke and accurately position the Q-Rings to the optimum position.

The 2INpower now boasts ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatibility and a built-in rechargeable battery are other new features. Crank weight for 172.5mm specification is a claimed 645g. 

Rotor 2INpower 3.jpg

“A person with a 50/50 balance in his or her power output is extremely rare, if even that person exists,” explained Irene Albacete, lead engineer for 2INpower. “We knew that the next step was to take advantage of INpower's technology and accuracy to develop a dual-sided power meter with the same features as INpower but which could provide power data equally in the right leg as in the left.”

2INpower will be available starting April and cost £1,200.

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