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Hiplok launches reflective Superbright wearable locks

New range is designed to boost road safety as well as protect your bike

Hiplok has released a new series of Superbright reflective locks that should be hitting the shops any time now.

Hiplok GOLD Sb - full.jpg

The chain locks are similar to existing Hiplok models in that they’re designed to be wearable when they’re not actually protecting your bike, the Superbright versions each featuring a highly reflective sleeve. The idea is that you sling the lock around your waist and it gets you noticed in car headlights and other lights as you ride.

Hiplok GOLD Sb - Lock.jpg

The top level Superbright lock in the range, the Hiplok Gold Superbright (£89.99), has just arrived here at This one has a 10mm hardened steel chain and the padlock, a 12mm hardened steel shackle, and a Sold Secure Gold rating.  It weighs 2.4kg (5.3lb).

Hiplok GOLD Sb - WornReflect.jpg

The locks adjusts to fit around waists from 28in to 44in. You don’t actually lock it around your waist; rather, the lock comes with an integrated belt that you tighten until it’s comfortable.

Hiplok GOLD Sb - WornFront.jpg

The Hiplok Original Superbright has a Sold Secure Silver rating and is priced £69.99, while the £49.99 Hiplok Lite Superbright is £49.99 and has a Sold Secure Bronze rating. Although this one doesn’t offer as much protection as the other models in the range, it is the lightest of the bunch at 1kg (2.2lb). 

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Sipullan | 8 years ago

I've had a hiplok for a couple of years now. I don't mind the weight (but then I'm pretty pathetically skinny anyway) and I've never had an issue with comfort (although I've never come off whilst wearing it). My only issue is that, because it is a lock, it often sits near the mechanicals of the bike and therefore gets oily. This oil and muck then gets transferred to my t-shirts, so I've had to reduce my light coloured ones to cleaning rags and only have dark coloured t-shirts in my wardrobe now.

bobinski | 8 years ago
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Are you sure you are not already?  1

I know I am...

herohirst | 8 years ago
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Looks tough but I'm not sure I want to be carrying (another) 5 and a half pounds around my middle.

34285011 replied to herohirst | 8 years ago

herohirst wrote:

Looks tough but I'm not sure I want to be carrying (another) 5 and a half pounds around my middle.

Not going to do your spine or internals much good if you come a cropper either. Each to their own though.

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