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Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro True Wireless Earphones



Great battery life and lightweight feel – just a shame they don't stay put once you start to sweat
Lightweight feel
Long battery life
Good audio quality that handle bass without fuzziness
Simple touch controls
Occasional disconnections from one earphone
Insecure once you begin to sweat

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The Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro True Wireless Earphones are very light with a good battery life and a pocket-sized charging case for all-day listening. Though resistant enough to handle the sweat of indoor training, they get very slippery in your ears when wet, and though the sound quality is decent they feel pretty cheap overall.

The Onyx Ace Pros look pretty similar to Apple's AirPods, and boast a long battery life of 6.5. hours (at 60% volume) with the charging case boosting this to 27 hours. At 4g, they are tremendously light and the charging case is also light and pocket sized.

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They have a waterproof rating of IPX5, meaning they can withstand low pressure water jets. So the sweat that pouring from your face and hair should not affect them, but maybe don't take them into the shower afterwards.

Bluetooth 5.2 keeps the earphones paired to your device from up to 10m away in an open area, and they stay connected a decent distance even through solid walls. However, at times our left earphone would randomly disconnect before reconnecting around 10 seconds later.

2022 Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro True Wireless Earphones - buds 2.jpg

The USB-C connection only takes two hours to fully charge the case, while the earphones themselves take 1.5 hours in the case. Unfortunately the lighting system used to indicate charge is awfully confusing.

2022 Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro True Wireless Earphones - USB port.jpg

Audio quality

You would expect some decent quality of audio when spending £50 on earphones, and what you get will not disappoint. The speakers can easily handle the heavy drum and bass to get me through some yucky efforts.

2022 Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro True Wireless Earphones - in case 2.jpg

They manage background noise very well, too. I could still hear someone talk to (interrupt...) me whilst on the turbo, but wind noise from the fans didn't affect the audio.


Control involves tapping the upper stem of the earphone, and it gives a plethora of functions. It takes some time to get used to it, but once you have it's great. One quick tap on the right earphone increases volume, for instance, while the same on the left decreases it.

2022 Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro True Wireless Earphones - buds 1.jpg

Unfortunately, once you get sweaty the buds start to slip out of your ears, and pushing them back in can have you inadvertently changing the volume or even the track (tap and hold for two seconds), which really got on my nerves.

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I tried out 'gaming mode' thinking the volume may become more intense with a stronger bass, or different parts might come from a different sides, but it never happened. On the turbo, at least, I couldn't detect any difference.


These fall towards the cheaper end of the scale for wireless earphones. Obviously, you can pick up a £5 set from your local supermarket, but you can't expect much from them; I was pleasantly surprised by the Onyx Ace Pros, though, as the audio quality is not far off Apple's 2nd generation AirPods. Where they do fall behind is the build quality – they just don't feel as nice in your ear (or as secure).

Of course, they don't carry the heavy price of AirPods Pro either (£239), or of the similarly high-end Beats Fit Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds at £199.99. They do still provide a decent audio experience, though.

You might want to also check out HolyHigh's Wireless Earbuds which were £36.99 when we reviewed them and offer silicone earbuds suited much better to sweating away on the indoor trainer. Most sports earphones have wrap-around earhooks made from silicone that really hold position well, but they aren't always the most comfy for extended periods.


The feathery weight of these in your ear is very subtle and comfortable, but they just don't have that snug fit to cope with actual sweating, even if the IPX6 rating can. Unfortunately there's the chance these will drop out both on the connection to your device and physically from your ears.


Great battery life and lightweight feel – just a shame they don't stay put once you start to sweat test report

Make and model: Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro True Wireless Earphones

Size tested: One Size

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Tronsmart says: "Advanced wireless streaming ensures exceptionally robust connection for seamless listening."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Tronsmart lists:

Cutting-edge Qualcomm Chip.

Qualcomm aptX Adaptive Decodec.

Crystal Clear Call.

Up to 27 Hours of Playtime.

Gaming Mode.

One-key Recovery.

Rate the product for quality of construction:

Shiny white plastic casing feels cheap.

Rate the product for performance:

Sound quality is decent and they block out the noise from fans very well. Our left earphone would occasionally lose connection though, even when fully charged.

Rate the product for durability:

The IPX5 rating is safe enough for indoor training.

Rate the product for weight (if applicable)

At 4g per earphone, they are pretty light.

Rate the product for comfort (if applicable)

Nowhere near as snug a fit most sports-orientated earphones with silicone tips.

Rate the product for value:

Build quality and fit are disappointing for the price.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose

They provide good audio quality and solid battery life, but connection dropouts are frustrating.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The 4g weight per bud and easy touch function.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

Troubles with the connection dropping and their physical insecurity once you get sweaty.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

From the earphones been tested, these are at the cheaper end of the scale with the HolyHigh Wireless Earbuds being cheaper at £37. They have more of a 'wrap-around the ear' design that is often seen on sports earphones but are considerably cheaper than the more expensive Beats at £200.

Did you enjoy using the product? Mostly

Would you consider buying the product? Maybe

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

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When comparing the earphones to others tested their price really shows them up to be a great buy, the audio quality and battery life also back this up. However, the fit in the ear from the plastic body just makes them fall out too easily once you start to sweat.

Overall rating: 6/10

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Secret_squirrel | 1 year ago

Their mistake was copying the shape of Apple's original wired earbuds, which was poorly fitting for a big chunk of the population.  There is a reason the Air Pod pro's actually have removable tips on them....

A classic Apple take it or leave approach copied by a knockoff builder.

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