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Look Keo Classic 3 Plus



Smooth and easy to clip into with good range of adjustment, but the bearings could be a weak point
Hang perfectly for easy engagement
Grippy cleats
Good range of tension adjustment
Play in the axle from new
Cleat rocking possible

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The Look Keo Classic 3 Plus pedals have a wide, stable platform, a good range of tension adjustment and pricing that stacks up well against the competition. But even out of the box the bearings show some play – it's worth fixing the near total lack of grease in the axle from the off, as replacing the bearings when they die is not straightforward.

The main difference between these and the standard Classic 3s (£39.99) are the extra stainless steel plates on the body, with Look claiming an increase in stiffness and power transfer as a result. Otherwise, they're effectively the same, meaning you get a chromoly spindle and a composite plastic body with a 400mm square platform. The Q-factor is 53mm, which is identical to all Look road pedals.

The stack height is 17.8mm (11.5mm for the pedal only), and ours weighed 278g – a little more than the claimed weight of 260g.

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Supplied with the pedals are a set of Keo Grip cleats, which feature a layer of TPU to reduce slippage. It works very well. The cleats are the grey 4.5° release angle versions, with 0° (black) and 9° (red) also available separately.

Before riding I noticed some play within the axle – although small, this is not a great sign for brand new pedals. They did spin very smoothly on the bearings, however, which was more promising... although perhaps they spun just a little too freely, implying a potential lack of grease around the assemblies. Opening them up revealed almost zero grease on either one, leaving the lube inside the bearings to fend for itself against water or dirt ingress.

2021 Look Keo Classic 3 Plus - top.jpg

Throughout testing the play increased, to the point where rocking the pedal produced a slight click. Look doesn't sell replacement bearings, but they are standard sizes (6701-2RS and HK0810) available elsewhere – a quality set and some grease will do wonders come service time. However, it's not a simple job as you need a blind bearing puller to get the needle roller out, and to remove an easy-to-damage plastic collar to slide the cartridge bearing off.

The 8Nm to 12Nm range for the release pressure is generous, and very easily adjusted via a little hex bolt near the back of the pedal body. I found the full range useable, with the lowest setting still providing a secure platform – while I am by no means a top sprinter, at no point did they feel like releasing accidentally despite being relatively easy to get out of. Meanwhile, the 12Nm setting gives a very secure feel.

2021 Look Keo Classic 3 Plus - underside.jpg

The weight balance seems absolutely perfect for creating easy engagement. They sit angled backwards slightly, rather than perfectly vertical, and this makes catching the end on the cleat very easy and instinctive.

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At £59 they are £14 more than the 'standard' Keo Classic 3 pedals (which are an almost identical weight at 276g), and £20 less than the Keo 2 Max (260g). Shimano's similar R550s are £76.99 and heavier at 309g, while Keo-compatible pedals such as the Bontrager Elite are more expensive still at £84.99, and only save a small amount of weight at 252g.


While these spin smoothly and prove very easy to use, the seemingly cheap bearings and lack of protective grease is a disappointment – especially as replacing the bearings involves specialist tools. Even so, performance from the wide platform and adjustable mechanism is good, and they're priced well; despite the bearing issues, they are still good value pedals.


Smooth and easy to clip into with good range of adjustment, but the bearings could be a weak point

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Make and model: Look Keo Classic 3 Plus

Size tested: n/a

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Look says: "What is the difference between a KEO CLASSIC 3 and a KEO CLASSIC 3 PLUS? The material used for the contact area. The little extra, stainless steel rather than composite, optimizes pedal stiffness and hence the transfer of power from you to your bike. As for the rest, we stick to what works: fast clip in / clip out and easy tension adjustment."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Look lists:

Spindle material:


Technology - Spring

Body material - Composite

Platform material - Stainless steel

Platform area - 400mm squared

Platform width - 60mm

Total stack height (pedal + cleat) - 17,8 mm (11.5 + 6.3 mm)

Q Factor - 53 mm

Retention - 8 to 12

Cleats - KEO grip


Pedal - 140 g

Weight pair + cleats - 350 g

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Ours had a small amount of play from new, and developed a clicking on the axle within a few hundred kilometres.

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Reasonable for the price.

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The pedals turn smoothly, although do feel undergreased. They have enough adjustability to suit most riders, and the Look Grip cleats and definitely less slippery on and off the bike than some other Keo compatible cleats.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

The angle the pedals fall at when trying to engage makes these easy to clip into.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

The slight play from new is worrying, and ours developed a clicking too. They spin freely and extra grease can be added, but you can't rebuild them or easily replace the bearings.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on

The standard non-Plus Keo Classic 3 model is £39.99, and George liked them. For £69.99 Shimano has the PD-R550, which shares a similar build but is a little heavier.

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While their immediate function is excellent and value is good, the bearings are not great, and there's almost no grease around them for protection from water or dirt ingress. That, and the slight awkwardness with servicing in the long term, stops them scoring higher.

Overall rating: 7/10

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Matt is an endurance nut who loves big rides and big events. He's a former full-time racer and 24hr event specialist, but now is also happy riding off-road on gravel bikes or XC mountain bikes and exploring the mountains and hills of Mid Wales.

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jh22v07 | 2 years ago

As you predicted, my bearings feel really worn and noisy after 12 months and approx. 500 dry miles. I am really struggling to find the maintenance guide on how to replace them! Can anyone point me towards the right to and information? Cheers

Balvenie | 2 years ago

My first set of Look Keo pedals (new 8 years ago and still in use) had exactly the same issue with clicking. They also had absolutely no grease in them. Luckily, a 12 point spanner is all you need to remove the spindle. This is unlike the carbon blade pedals that needs a special tool to remove the spindle (although my carbon blade pedals don't have any play in them).

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