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NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost



Almost precisely the same light as the 900 Boost, with a bit of a brightness and accompanying battery bump

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Occasionally, a product is so similar to its stablemate that one could be forgiven for actually making the mistake of reviewing the wrong product. Ahem. After reviewing the Niterider Lumina 900 Boost, I moved on to the 1100 Boost. Except I forgot to change the units over for the first two uses. Oops.

It actually tells a story in itself. No, not [just] that I'm an incompetent reviewer, but the fact that, externally, the two units are precisely the same: the same dimensions, the same weight (give or take an insignificant 3g), and the same branding save for a swap from '900 Boost' to '1100 Boost'.

NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost - side.jpg

Internally, the workings are the same too. You get the same seven-function setup as the 900 Boost, and the same single-button action that's programmed in the same way. As a result, it's very easy to mistake the two.

Niterider claims exactly the same battery life on the maximum setting, which indicates that the battery has taken a boost to cater for the slightly brighter settings. Standard static modes now rate at 225 lumens (+25 versus the 900), 450 (+100), and 900 (+200). Of course, 900 lumens is the max 'boost' brightness achievable on the 900 Boost model, but this bumps that to 1100.

NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost - top.jpg

In truth, draining the batteries side by side on the equivalent-tier settings led to very similar drain times, within a five minute window of each other, and with the same auto-dimming to maximise life – a variance you could arguably expect to see in the same units coming off the production line. Seeing as the 900 Boost slightly outstripped the claimed life, we can hardly complain. It also takes a similar amount of time to charge too, plus around 45 minutes.

The two flash settings also achieve very similar drain times, but the low-light long-term static setting on the second tier of functionality lasts for 18 hours now, but at 70 lumens (+35 over the 900 Boost).

This increase in brightness means there's a touch more heat developed at the bulb end, while the beam itself bleeds very slightly more into the surrounding area (beyond the focused section, which remains distinct). Our beam tests will reveal exactly how much, but this is one of the reasons you'd opt for this light over the 900 – for that extra power.

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And for it, with no real measurable difference in battery life or functionality barring that output, you pay an extra £25. Only you will know if you need that extra light. For my money, I think it's a little unnecessary, unless you happen to like hammering home on a gravel track in the middle of nowhere at the dead of night (and intend to make it home in around an hour).

For the record, the bracket is the same too, so there's still the slight issue with achieving a tight grip if you have odd-diameter handlebars, but it's solid enough and easy to use, just like the rest of the light.


Almost precisely the same light as the 900 Boost, with a bit of a brightness and accompanying battery bump

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Make and model: NiteRider Lumina 1100 Boost

Size tested: 1100 Lumens

Tell us what the light is for, and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Niterider says: "Specifically designed to meet the needs of riders in all cycling categories, the Lumina 1100 Boost features an all new Boost Mode light setting. Simply double click the power button, giving you the option to operate your light at maximum light output! And utilising a CREE LED at 6000k, means you'll get what most consider to be the best LEDs available on the market today.

"These high-performance LEDs are extremely reliable, with no filament to break or burn out. With our custom engineered optics, the Lumina 1100 Boost projects a beam pattern that provides a generous long-distance spot and a wide flood beam pattern of 1100 brilliant lumens! The high-strength head light body casing is comprised of lightweight aluminium and Dupont Fiberglass reinforced nylon that is highly durable."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the light?

Niterider lists these features:

- 7 modes

- 1100lmn boost mode

- Rechargeable

- Easy-to-use strap

Rate the light for quality of construction:

Like other NiteRider lights, it's built sturdily.

Rate the light for design and ease of use. How simple was the light to use?

The single button interface takes a short while to get used to, but is easy thereafter. (Even easier for me, seeing as I knew what I was doing after testing the 900 Boost model.)

Rate the light for the design and usability of the clamping system/s

The light fits to the clamp with ease, but I struggled to get the clamp itself to fit properly (and easily) around my narrower handlebar. On the thicker-diameter bar on my other bike it was fine, however. (Same as the 900 Boost.)

Rate the light for waterproofing. How did it stand up to the elements?

It features the same IP64 standard as the 900 Boost.

Rate the light for battery life. How long did it last? How long did it take to recharge?

A slight bump up to 8/10 for this, given that the battery levels are as near-as-makes-no-difference the same as the 900 Boost, just with extra brightness.

Rate the light for performance:

The higher lumen rating doesn't quite earn an extra point – I'm not sure I could always tell the difference on the road in a non-side-by-side test.

Rate the light for durability:

Once again, it's very solid and well made all-round.

Rate the light for weight:

A gain of 3g over the identical-looking 900 Boost is negligible in my opinion.

Rate the light for value:

The 900 Boost at £85 was very good value; 200 extra lumens for an extra tenner puts the 1100 Boost about on a par.

Tell us how the light performed overall when used for its designed purpose

Very well – still the slight gripe is the bracket.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the light

Brightness, selectable modes, build quality.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the light

The bracket.

Did you enjoy using the light? Yes

Would you consider buying the light? Yes

Would you recommend the light to a friend? Yes – but I'd also tell them to carefully consider the 900 Boost if there's a good deal going.

Use this box to explain your score

I can't tell you if you need the 1100 or 900 Boost model, save to say that if you go off-road during your night rides you might appreciate the extra lumens of the 1100 Boost over the 900. However, both are very good and fit for purpose, so look for deals to influence your decision.

Overall rating: 8/10

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