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Ryder R350 Sprint XR glasses



Understated, well made, practical cycling glasses

These Ryder glasses come complete with a set of three interchangeable lenses; orange for dull days, clear for when it's dark or raining, and dark for when you want to look cool, or if that isn't an option, for when the sun is shining.

As you would expect all of the lenses filter UVA and UVB radiation, although how much you are likely to encounter in the dark is something of a moot point. If you don't want to mess around with lenses for £15 more there is a photo chromic option, the R347 Sprints.

Even from new the lenses and frame are malleable making lense changing very easy. I have a wide head, yet these glasses stretched around my mighty cranium to give a good fit, with no brain compression or eyelash tickling!

The shape and the anti-mist slots work preventing misting under helmet, cotton cap or winter wool. The polycarbonate construction is strong, light and simple with clean lines and finish: the look is fairly conventional in style, if you are looking to make a fashion statement these aren't the glasses for you, the best word to describe them is probably "understated" which for many will be a recommendation. 

At this price range, you would expect a well made set of glasses, with 3 lenses and a well cushioned case and that is exactly what you get! They are available in a wide range of colours (8 in total), have an adjustable nose bridge with anti slip gripping on the arms.

Colour tested: Gloss Black

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