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Ravemen PR2400 USB Rechargeable DuaLens Front Light with Remote

This powerful front light works well on and off-road, making it a versatile purchase that, compared to its rivals, is good value too.

Increasingly, riders are turning to gravel riding to get away from traffic, make their local area a bit more interesting and to find a new challenge. But if you want to do those rides after work through the winter, you're going to need a front light that can easily switch between road and off-road power settings.

Ravemen PR2400 USB RCCR

The Ravemen PR2400 uses one diffuse LED in road mode, putting out 900 lumens, and we found the beam shape to be excellent, lighting all but the fastest and most technical road descents perfectly.

In that full-power road mode, you'll be getting around 3.4 hours of run time which is perfect for longer mid-week post-work training sessions and if you plan on using this for daytime visibility, the 500-lumen flashing mode lasts for 5.5 hours.

Switching to off-road modes is easy with a quick press of the larger mode button. Here, you'll finD the max power 2400-lumen mode uses all five LEDs, throwing light high, wide and long to give you a clear view of the trail.

Ravemen PR2400 USB RCCR-2

The run time in this mode is a respectable 1.5 hours, meaning that you can spend plenty of time playing in the woods or on the gravel tracks before heading for home.