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Remco Evenepoel crashes after loose dog runs into Giro d'Italia peloton

One of the world champion's Soudal Quick-Step teammates was the first to hit the deck as the animal ran out into the rain-soaked road...

Remco Evenepoel hit the deck early on the sodden fifth stage of the Giro d'Italia after a loose dog ran into the bunch, causing riders to brake suddenly.

The Belgian, who passed on the race lead to Team DSM's Andreas Leknessund yesterday was back in the rainbow bands today, but endured a nervous minute sat on the roadside as the cycling world worried and speculated about if he would be able to continue.

Commentating on GCN+, Sean Kelly told viewers it "was not looking good, he was sitting for a long time, but hopefully he can get back here".

A few anxious moments later and Evenepoel was, very gingerly, back on the bike with the support of his Soudal Quick-Step teammates, and a few kilometres later safely back in the bunch.

"The dog there... they had to go for the brakes and the riders behind, when it does slow up and you make a little bit of a change of line... down you go," Kelly continued. "We've seen already today the conditions, really really slippery."

Remco Evenepoel Giro stage five (GCN/Eurosport)

Miserable conditions for the riders during the 171km stage from Atripalda to Salerno, several riders, including Samuele Zoccarato falling during the early push to make the breakaway before falls punctuated the run in.

Giro stage five (GCN/Eurosport)

And Remco's misfortune was not done with the first fall as he was brought down again as the pace ramped up towards the sprint and was visibly angry at something or somebody as he gesticulated with the team car and then a bloodied Davide Cimolai, another of the crash victims.

On the line, it was Kaden Groves' day, the Australian sprinter beating stage two winner Jonathan Milan to the victory however, once again the racing was marred by a crash, this time as Mark Cavendish clipped Alberto Dainese's rear wheel and was sent towards the barriers, somehow keeping his Wilier upright before sliding across the finish line after his momentum subsequently flung him over the handlebars. A miserable day to forget for many.

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Simon E | 1 year ago

Should have got an Ineos Grenadier out there, that would have solved the problem. A flattened dog can't chase anything and the only person to blame is the owner.

What sort of idiot takes a dog to a cycle race anyway? It's no fun for the dog, the owner or the cyclists.

PRSboy | 1 year ago

Dogged by misfortune. He needed a better lead-out.

Brauchsel replied to PRSboy | 1 year ago
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He should have followed the wheels of the Barkea-Samisic team. 

mark1a replied to Brauchsel | 1 year ago
1 like

Nah, he was following the Wolfpack.

ooblyboo replied to Brauchsel | 1 year ago
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Bark-rain Victorious

Ahem. I'll get my coat.

brooksby | 1 year ago

Where did the dog come from?  Was it with a spectator, or in one of the properties they were passing?

Rendel Harris replied to brooksby | 1 year ago
brooksby wrote:

Where did the dog come from?  Was it with a spectator, or in one of the properties they were passing?

They were speculating on commentary that it could have been a stray, stray dogs being quite common in that part of Italy.

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