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Google Maps unveil new 'lite navigation' system specifically for cyclists

Google announced the introduction of the lite navigation as part of a wider push for more 'green' projects ...

Google Maps has announced it will be releasing a new 'lite' navigation system designed for cyclists. 

The new update will allow you to see details about your current trip without the need to constantly keep turning your phone's screen on.

It essentially allows you to see your current ETA and any changes in elevation along the route at a glance - useful if you mount your phone on your bars.

> Deliveroo cyclist filmed riding on busy motorway after sat-nav 'took him on the wrong road'

Google announced the introduction of the lite navigation as part of a wider sustainability programme. 

In the U.S, Google Maps now automatically takes drivers on routes that have the best fuel efficiency, although that setting can be changed.

Google estimates the feature may help prevent as much as 1 million tons of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

That’s the equivalent of removing 200,000 cars from the road.

Google Maps haven't given an exact date for the update, but said the new feature will be released 'in the coming months'.

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espressodan | 2 years ago

Perhaps also, in Australia, stop planning cycle routes down motorways where bikes are prohibited.

Boopop | 2 years ago

If Google wants to do what's best for cyclists, pedestrians, residents, and indeed society as a whole, perhaps it should stop suggesting people drive through residential streets as rat runs to avoid traffic jams. I'm sure that's great for fuel efficiency but it's terrible for keeping a street social and giving children a chance to play outdoors. I've seen examples where it suggests the driver divert off a main road and take a parallel side street even though it has the same ETA as remaining on the main road 🤦‍♂️

AlsoSomniloquism replied to Boopop | 2 years ago
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And as others have shown, anybody with several phones and time on their hands can cause a Google inspired redirect down other roads. 

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