German Carbon Group - a full road bike at under 3kg?

The folks at the German Carbon Group, which includes THM Carbones and Schmolke, put together this specimen to show just how light they could make a fully functioning road bike. By 'fully functioning', I guess they mean rideable by whippets - lots of carbon gear has load limits a whole medium-sized child under my weight, and I'm guessing this beauty is no exception. The saddle puts you in mind of the Yellow Pages ads of old, and you'll have to make do with 12 (closely spaced) gears as that's the limit of the diminuitive rear mech. The spec chart next to the bike showed all-in weight as 2967g, even taking into account the weight of the bearing grease and the air in the tyres. Not a very practical workhorse, and we've seen lots of the components before, but hats off - sub 3kg is some job.


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