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Norwegian pavement cyclist faces jail for killing another pavement rider

Prosecutors admit ‘he’s no killer’ but could still do 30 days

A pavement cyclist in Norway faces time in jail for negligent homicide after he knocked another rider off the pavement to her death, in a first for the country.

The 35 year old defendent was riding on the pavement to avoid the busy Kirkeveien road in Oslo, but admitted that he was riding too fast and swerving around pedestrians.

Eventually he collided with a 46 year old female rider, who was pushed into the road, run over by a bus and killed.

According to the charges, the accused was cycling “without due care and attention and did not suit his speed to the conditions”.

This resulted in him “not noticing the victim cycling on the pavement in time,” it was written in the court papers.

The bus driver said he was unable to stop in time to avoid killing the woman.

Prosecutors are pushing for a 30 day sentence, despite admitting that the man, who works as a nurse ‘is no killer’.

The maximum sentence for the crime is six years.

His defence lawyer, Thomas Randby, said that the rider admitted breaking two road laws but deeply regretted his actions. It is the first homicide case of its kind to be brought in Norway.

A sentence will be decided in the coming weeks.

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