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Group of professional cyclists hit by car in 'road rage' incident

Riders were in a bike lane; driver in custody

A group of professional cyclists out training was attacked in a road rage incident on Friday, when a car swerved and hit them while the driver yelled abuse.

Around a dozen members of the Jamis/Hagnes Berman cycling team were training in Tucson, USA.

"You go on a bike and you expect to be safe... you don't expect something like this to happen," Tyler Wren told KVOA, who was leading the group and was hit by a motorist driving a silver car. He suffered minor injuries and was checked over in hospital.

He said the riders were two abreast, in a bike lane near the junction of Valencia Road and Old Vail Road.

"The driver came, was coming in on the left and was yelling at us and swerved into us.. I think intentionally [and] sped off," Wren said.

A support car with the cyclists managed to photograph the car's numberplate

A Tucson Police Department spokesman told News 4 Tucson that a man has been taken into custody in connection with this incident.

Wren later tweeted: "I was rammed by a car today. Teammates & TucsonPD on it straight away & driver in jail. Hospital now- but thumbs up!"

He followed up by saying: "No broken bones, back on the bike tomorrow. Thanks for all the well wishes. Hope this incident highlights this issue."


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