Luis Garcia del Moral banned from working in cycling - now tennis world targets him

A leading tennis academy has barred the doctor Luis Garcia del Moral from working with its tennis stars, after the former USPS team doctor was banned from working in cycling.

The TenisVal academy in Spain has worked with Moral for '14 to 15 years', a timing that overlaps with his time working with Lance Armstong and others at USPS.

Players including Sara Errani of Italy, the losing finalist in women's singles at the 2012 French Open and former top-ranked woman Dinara Safina of Russia also consulted del Moral.

Errani said to CTV News in September that del Moral "was the best doctor in Valencia for everything, so I have been working with him, of course."

The owner of the academy, Pancho Alvarino, told The Associated Press: "many of our players" consulted del Moral for preseason blood tests, strength tests and for injuries. He said TenisVal used the information to tailor specific training programs for each player.

If there had been any indication that del Moral was doping academy players, "I would have denounced the doctor, as well as the player," Alvarino said.

He indicated the academy has now severed the link with del Moral. "After Armstrong's news, no player from TenisVal has (had) contact or any kind of relationship with him."

Del Moral has disputed the USADA's evidence against him.

In a statement posted last month on the website of the Valencia clinic where he works, he said: "During the years that I was with the medical team of U.S. Postal I never was witness to doping organized by the team, nor of course any that I (supposedly) facilitated or promoted."

"Beyond a doubt, I have not participated in any doping ring, nor has it been proven," the statement said.


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