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Moulton TSR 50

Cable-free four speed in a very limited edition

Moulton are celebrating fifty years of small-wheeled goodness, and to mark the occasion they've come up with a special TSR in a strictly limited edition of 50. The TSR 50 features a Schlumpf Speed Drive at the front and a two-speed Sturmey Archer Duomatic hub at the rear. The Duomatic is a rare old piece of work, with a kick-back-to-change shift mechanism and a pedal brake too. Goodness only knows where Moulton managed to find 50 of them, as they haven't been in production for years. The combination of hub and Speed Drive gives a completely cable-free drivetrain, meaning that demounting the frame is a simple job. The retail price is £1450, though you'll be lucky to get one, as Moulton reckon they've already shifted the whole run...

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