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Portsmouth tells its cyclists to be more polite

Children get letters sent home in crackdown on pavement cycling

Cyclists in Portsmouth are being urged to be more polite road users, as the police and council join forces to clamp down on pavement cyclists.

This summer alone, 66 cyclists have been stopped for cycling on the pavement, with 25 given £30 fixed penalties and 41 reprimanded.

Children under 16 had a letter sent to their parents at home, warning against their behaviour.

Councillor Jason Fazackarley, the council’s cabinet member for traffic and transport, told The Portsmouth News: "It’s great that people are being green and healthy and cycling.

"But we need to make sure they’re riding safely, in the interests of other people and themselves.

"Cycling on the pavement or in pedestrian areas is one of the most common concerns residents report to us.

"The council and the police are committed to tackling this problem.

"Many cyclists say they ride on the pavement because they feel unsafe on the road.

"Our advice is to get off your bike and walk on the pavement until you feel it is safe to get on the road.

"But please also tell us why you felt unsafe, and we will look at improving that area for cyclists.’

"We have plans to improve some important cycling links in the city, using new government money for sustainable travel."

The council is also running cycling courses for children in the area.

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