If a lot of people cheer together, Wiggo's more likely to win...

All the Team Sky boys will be whisked straight to London on the first flight to get ready for the Olympic Games as soon as they hit Paris - even if Wiggins wins - but there's no need for you to skip the post-Tour party.

Team Sky are in a celebratory mood already, annoucing 11 pubs in the UK where you can go to cheer on Wiggo and co. this weekend with "live Tour de France coverage, beer, cider, wine, garlic and a whole lot of Joie de Vivre".

And they're not the only ones - at Look Mum No Hands in London, there's a Grand Arrive event on Sunday, where you can "drink champagne and watch Cav win", or at Rapha Cycle Club London there's an end of Tour party to coincide with the opening of the club itself, with screenings of the event.

The Team Sky Vive le Tour venues are as follows:

Isaacs on the Quay, Ipswich

Ye Olde Bell and Steelyard, Woodbridge

The Approach, Nottingham

The Strickland Arms, Penrith

The White Hart, Uttoxeter

The Railway Inn, Welshpool

The Black Cock Inn, Caerphilly

The Beaver Inn, Bideford

King William IV, West Horsley

The Prince of Wales, Dorking

The Abinger Hatch, Dorking 


Let us know if you've heard of any other public Tour parties, and we'll add them to the list!

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