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Above Category Bike Shop's Bar Fly computer mount now available in UK

Designed to be the Ideal perch for your Garmin Edge

The Bar Fly is a piece of Delrin plastic designed to clamp directly to your handlebar and put your Garmin computer in front and in-line with your stem, to offer more adjustability and better visibility than the standard out-the-box zip-ties or rubber-bands fixing options.

The Bar Fly was born in the ‘Above Category’ bike shop in Marin County, California, where it was designed by general manager, Woody Tate who wasn’t impressed with his Garmin’s factory mount - "Out of the box, using a stock mount, the Garmin 500 is mired with poor visibility, is unsafe, and leaves your bike with a tarnished aesthetic. After my first experience with the Garmin 500 I went to work designing The Bar Fly.”

The Barfly puts your Garmin in front of your stem a bit like an SRM unit, and the angle of the unit is adjustable for better visibility, so great for those with short stems, those set at an upright angle, or those that don’t like the way it clutters the bike.

The Bar Fly will hold any Edge computer with the twist back, the Garmin Edge 200, 500 or 800 then, and has the quarter-turn pattern molded directly into the mount itself so messy bands, clamps and zip ties are unnecessary. It will clamp to any 31.8mm bar, is “ethically constructed” in the United States and weighs 19g.

Prestige Cycles in Hove have just picked up exclusive distribution of the Bar Fly in the UK where they’re, you guessed it, flying out the shop at £40 a pop.

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