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No sex please, we're cyclists

Survey finds bike riders less likely to put out on first date - but married men and larger women are

Cyclists of both genders are less likely than average to have sex on a first date, according to survey by a dating website. The finding stands out because elsewhere in the survey, conducted by among 10,000 of its members, clear divisions are found between men and women.

In terms of body shape, for example, overweight women are more likely than those described as slim or simply large to finish the evening in bed with a new partner, while among men, it is those described as being of athletic build.

Women who said they are interested in cars and spend time in bars were also more likely to say that they would have sex on a first date, while in terms of level of education, it is better educated men but less well educated women who do so.

Married men who are members of the site were also more keen on getting into bed on the first date than single ones – a bit of a no-brainer, we imagine, since you they’re unlikely to have joined up with thoughts of bigamy on their mind.

Unsurprisingly, the survey doesn’t record whether they are up front with their prospective partners beforehand, nor what their wives think of their behaviour. The website itself says that it “actively discourages” married people from signing up, and asks those that do to at least be honest about their status in their profile.

And as for cyclists – well, respondents who said they have an interest in cycling, across both genders, were less likely than average to put out on a first date, putting them alongside those in their 40s and above, as well as non-drinkers, as groups where being male or female made no difference to the response.

Perhaps the finding reflects the typical cyclist’s behaviour when it comes to buying a new bike, which after all is a relationship that all of us hope will last a long time when contemplating it, and not to be entered lightly.

Poring over websites to find the right partner then popping down to the bike shop to meet the prospective other half in real life is one thing – but you probably don’t want to take it for a test ride until you’re sure you’ve found the right one.

That’s our theory, anyway – what’s yours? Let us know in the comments below, but please remember this is a family site…

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