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Video: The Lincoln GP with Rapha Condor Sharp

Behind the scenes and in the action at last weekend's Lincoln Grand Prix...

Conder Cycles latest video following the Rapha Condor Sharp cycling team through a season on the British Premier Calendar gives a behind the scenes glimpse at preparations for the recent Lincoln Grand Prix.

You get to see the race too in which Rapha Condor rider Kristian House took the King of the Mountain's prize, but in many ways it's the lead up that is more interesting. We get to see team manager, John Herety the evening before sorting out the drinks bottles, 80 of 'em bet Bjarne Riis or Johan Bruyneel don't do that - interesting mix too, energy drink powder, Coke, and water… yummy. And while his brother Russ was riding the team time trial with Team Sky at the Giro, Dean Downing is at the wheel of the Rapha Condor people carrier giving us a quick tactical over-view of what's needed to win at Lincoln - attacking all the way it turns out.

Lincoln GP 2011 - Rapha Condor Sharp - Chasing the Team from Condor Cycles on Vimeo.

That's what Kristian House proceeds to do next day in the race… Michaelgate looks steep and the film, shot and produced by Andy Waterman, gives a good insight in to just how hard a race like this is. The peloton comes back together with five laps to go, and then we see riders strung out all over the place as the race heads for the finish before seemingly they get it all back together once more in the final push for the line.

The Rapha Condor Sharp guys didn't win, Scott Thwaites of Endura racing grabbed the victory, but Zak Dempster came fith and they gave it a good go, and as John Herety says at the end "you can't win them all". Nice try though. We're looking forward to the next installment.

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