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Lorry driver bailed over death of young female cyclist

Rider pronounced dead at scene of incident in Camden

A 65-year old lorry driver arrested on suspicion of causing the death by careless or dangerous driving of a 20-year old female cyclist in the London borough of Camden earlier this week, had been bailed.

The man was arrested at the scene of an incident on Tuesday in which the woman died as a result of having been struck by a flat-bed, building-materials delivery lorry which was making a left turn at the junction of Camden Road and St Pancras Way, NW1.

The incident took place at approximately 3.20pm and the young woman, identified as a Polish student by one source, was pronounced dead at the scene by the London Ambulance Service shortly before 4.00pm.

The driver was initially held in police custody but has now been released on police bail until June. The Metropolitan Police’s Road Death Investigation Unit is conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the collision.

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STATO | 13 years ago

I havnt gone back to check all the recent reports but it seems a number of these terrible incidents involve foreign nationals, i wonder if they are aware of the risks of lorries when cycling in the UK (as its likely they have no experience on UK roads other than on a bike). Is enough being done to warn ALL the residents of London/UK about the risks when on the road?? obviously it is still the resonsibility of the driver to check before turning but from google maps that looks like a tight corner and i can imagine the lorry keeping to the centre of the road before turning left, possibly creating an enticing gap to a cyclist not aware of the risk.

(This is only valid if we assume the lorry didnt just drive up and turn left without looking which is obviously a possibility)

joemizereck | 13 years ago

Yet another cyclist killed by a lorry. In fact, another female cyclist. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of the young woman killed.

I have lost many does this make? But, the more important question is: How many more deaths will it take before London's leaders do something to stop this madness? Why are these lorries still on London’s roads? They obviously pose a great danger to cyclists? Where is the leadership? Where is the outrage? I don’t get it. I don’t get how the loss of these lives have not stirred the great city of London to say, “Enough is enough”.

I have said this before, indeed begged...please park the lorries until you come up with a solution. Or, find a way to keep the lorries and cyclists away from each other. Do something. It is just wrong to do otherwise.

Joe Mizereck
Founder, The "3 Feet Please" and "1 Metre Please" Campaigns
joe [at]

OldRidgeback | 13 years ago

Another fatality involving a left-turning truck and a female cyclist, another family grieving. I know that junction and it's not a particularly bad one - I used to go home that way from work. I'm curious what the result of the police investigation will be. I'm also curious which construction firm the truck belonged to.

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