Letter to local paper smashes ‘Lycra-clad’ cyclists myth; public wants end to Royal Parks rat-running; Peloton loses $50m in 3 months; Hackney school blames 'previous administration' for bike vs car parking blunder + more on live blog

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06 November 2019, 20:22
It's an old one ... but this letter to a local newspaper about "Lycra-clad" cyclists is a cracker
06 November 2019, 20:15
Parks for people, not cars

Massive public support to keep rat-running drivers out of London's Royal Parks ... we'll have more on this in the morning.

06 November 2019, 20:13
06 November 2019, 20:11
This is terrific ... and of course, it's the Netherlands not the UK
06 November 2019, 12:26
Peloton increase subscriber base... but loses $49.8 million in its first quarter as a public company

The pricey spin bike brand most actual cyclists love to hate have announced that their revenue increased by 103% year-on-year in its first quarter since going public - and while they now boast 560,000 subscribers and a member base of 1.6 million, they still reported a net loss of $49.8 million in the quarter. Peloton also spent a huge $77.6 million on sales and marketing in that period, compared to just $17.4 million on research and development for their products. 

Peloton rolled out a 30 day trial period offer they have called 'Home Trial' during the quarter, which could explain an increase in users. A positive is that Peloton's retention rate for annual subscribers is high at 94% - although at 40 quid a month not including the bike, you'd think even the most affluent Peloton owners would be inclined to persevere...  

06 November 2019, 15:48
Annemiek van Vleuten raises €10,000 for her local cycling club by selling signed kit

Big-hearted 2019 World Road Race champ Van Vleuten raised the cash by selling her cycling clothing that is no longer needed, with all the money going to her local club in the Netherlands, Wielervereniging Ede. She posed for photographs and signed autographs and the clothing at the event at the Peerenboom bike shop in Wageningen at the weekend, saying: "It was a very pleasant afternoon that many different people had come for. Thank you all for coming, and for your generous contributions.

"The 'attic sale' clearance was a huge success, and the proceeds definitely exceeded my expectations: we made almost €10,000 from my old cycling clothing and kit."

06 November 2019, 12:55
Hackney New School parking spaces row - school say spaces were installed by 'previous administration' and there are in fact over 100 cycle racks for students

Hackney New School have now responded to accusations that they took away bicycle racks for students and replaced them with three car parking spaces. The school say teachers are not authorised to use the spaces, and their current administration can't offer an explanation as to why they were put there. The school have posted photos of cycling racks they have elsewhere on site, with over 100 available to students. The full statement reads:

"The picture circulated showing bike racks outside the school grounds was taken prior to July 2017 when the site also housed students from the primary school. They were subsequently moved inside the secondary school grounds.

"As this was a decision taken by the previous administration prior to July 2019 we are unable to offer further explanation. We currently have over 100 cycle racks available to students which are close to full most school days.

"We have been made aware that the current arrangement, put in place by the previous administration, may be in breach of our planning condition. We will work with the council to ensure any issues are quickly rectified.

"Staff are not currently permitted to park in these spaces. A sign has also been put up to discourage unauthorised motorist."

Councillor Jon Burke replied to the school on Twitter to say he will "be in touch", as the parking spaces breach planning conditions. 

06 November 2019, 15:08
Twitter is divided on winter bikes

It appears the notion of a dedicated winter bike is almost as polarising as a certain 2016 referendum, with 55% currently saying yes and 45% no. 

06 November 2019, 15:00
Do you have a specific winter bike?

With all-season gravel and adventure bikes, and even most road bikes being so versatile nowadays, are dedicated winter and summer bike still a thing? Take part in our poll...

06 November 2019, 12:11
After more than 1,000 benefitted from a 'cycling on prescription' scheme, it may now be rolled out across the country

More than 1,000 people have now taken part in a referral scheme named Cycle for Health, aimed at boosting mental health through physical activity across West Yorkshire. Prescribed by health care professionals, the 'groundbreaking' scheme aims to 'tackle health inequalities by offering people with long-term conditions a 12-week programme of cycle skills training'. 

Cycle for Health has been hailed a huge success, with 32% of participants displaying an increase in confidence, 29% showing an improvement in feeling close to others and 26% increasing their ability to relax. At the start of the programme 82% were not meeting physical activity guidelines, whereas immediately following the programme 73% were meeting the guideline targets.   

The scheme is delivered by the national cycling charity, Cycling UK, in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s CityConnect programme, which encourages more people to travel by bike and on foot. Cycling UK have said it has been such a success that Cycle for Health may now be rolled out nationally. Cycling UK's Head of Development Jenny Box told the BBC: "Cycling UK has always known cycling can help people with both their physical and mental wellbeing - and in West Yorkshire we've now got the evidence.

"We would love to be able to bring the gift of cycling to other parts of the country and help other people on to the path to recovery." 

06 November 2019, 09:09
Cyclist who swore at Trump wins seat in local election

Juli Briskman decided to run for local office in Virginia as a Democratic candidate off the back of her notoriety as the woman who was sacked for 'flipping off' Donald Trump's motorcade... and it's paid off, as she won the seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia that has been held by a Republican for eight years. She got 54% of the vote while Republican candidate Suzanne Volpe got 46%. 

Stranger things have happened - arguably including Trump's own unpredictable rise to power - but the fact that Briskman will now be able to stick a metaphorical finger up to Trump's government through policies after losing her job for doing so in real life is quite an extraordinary twist of fate. Briskman says she is "looking forward to representing friends and neighbours" in the Tweet below.  

06 November 2019, 11:38
A petition has begun to circulate for a female version of the classic cycling film 'Breaking Away'

The 1978 film starring Dennis Christopher and Dennis Quaid is about the Little 500, a bike race that raises money for student scholarships at  Indiana University - and although it started in 1951, a women's Little 500 wasn't introduced until 1988 following a protest. 

Now a petition started by Corrine Miller is calling for the film to be remade with the plot based around on the women's race. It says: "Currently, the women's field receives much less attention than the men's and the attendance at the women's race is historically much lower than at the men's race. A remake of Breaking Away, based on the women’s race, could have a great impact on the publicity of female cycling."

You can find the petition here

06 November 2019, 09:16
Hackney New School parking space uproar: local Councillor promises to get spaces removed as they are against the school's planning condition

Councillor Job Burke was scathing in his assessment of Hackney New School's decision to remove a row of bike parking spaces for pupils with three car parking spaces, saying they go against the school's planning condition and need to be removed. 

Replying to numerous comments on Twitter, including one from Chris Boardman, Burke says the Free School's actions "goes against everything Hackney Council is trying to achieve on active travel, road safety, and air quality." 

Indeed, Hackney Council have received praise in recent months for their clean air policies, including the implementation of eight 'School Streets' that ban cars from streets outside schools during the morning and afternoon rush hours. 

We still are yet to get a statement back from the school, and they haven't answered any criticism on social media despite being tagged in hundreds of comments on Twitter. 

06 November 2019, 11:59
Zdenek Stybar to return to cyclocross racing in the off-season

Deceuninck Quick-Step have announced that three-time CX world champ Stybar will once again compete in the discipline this winter in the build-up to the 2020 season. he said: “I’m really happy to be doing cyclocross again. It’s not just that these races fit really well in my program, it’s also the fact that these are some great events, with fantastic crowds and amazing atmosphere – especially those between Christmas and the New Year – that makes me so excited about taking to the start.”


06 November 2019, 11:07
The great mystery of Arnie's e-bike

We thought we'd found our winner when Katy Moon over on our Twitter page identified Schwarzenegger's bike as a modified version of Fantic's Seven Days Living - but now Pete Jennings' eagle eyes have identified that the livery on the battery is from British motorcycle brand Matchless London... which if anything deepens the mystery, but top sleuthing Pete! 

Arnie was snapped riding the bike during his meeting with 17-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg in Santa Monica on Monday - read more about their ride over on eBikeTips

06 November 2019, 10:56
Still on 10 speed?
06 November 2019, 12:05
Tour of Britain will return to Devon in 2020

With Cornwall announced as part of the route in early September, naturally its neighbouring county of Devon has now followed in announcing that they will host stage two of the Tour of Britain in 2020. The stage will start in the new community of Sherford in the South Hams and finish in the city of Exeter.

The 2020 edition of the Tour of Britain will be its 17th running, and the 11th time Devon has featured. It will takes place between Sunday 6th and Sunday 13th September. 

06 November 2019, 09:13
Danny Hart appeals for return of three of his stolen bikes

The British downhill superstar had three of his bikes stolen from outside a hotel in Sheffield in the early hours yesterday morning, including a world champs edition Saracen Myst. 

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