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Free Saris Indoor Training event: come and join Saris and in Bath to try out the new MP1 smart training platform tonight from 6pm!

The folks at Saris are going to be in our neck of the woods on Thursday 7th November, and from 6pm to 9pm you can try put their innovative MP1 trainer platform and H3 smart trainer, with pizza and beer for afters!

Still not on the indoor training bandwagon, or thinking of upgrading your gear? Well you're in luck... because in partnership with, Saris will be bringing their MP1 motion platform and H3 direct drive smart trainer down to our HQ in Bath for you to try out TONIGHT, with free pizza and beer plus the chance to win some amazing prizes! 

Get your free ticket for the Saris Indoor Training event here

The free event will kick off at Green Park Station, BA1 1JB at 6pm and run until 9pm, offering you the chance to find out the benefits of indoor training. Saris will have the MP1 and H3 set up with Zwift, to give you the full immersive experience while being able to soak up the knowledge of the Saris team. 

If you're not too familiar with the unique MP1 motion platform (watch it in action in the video above) it allows you to bring your stationary indoor trainer to life with the Saris Nfinity Technology. The MP1 moves on multiple axes, which combines axes, gravity physics and mechanical ingenuity to give you a unique, immersive indoor training experience. It also leads to increased comfort, recruits more muscles and... well, it just looks cool! Not only will you get to try out the Saris products, you'll also have the chance to win a H3 smart trainer in a special competition, and chat to lots of other cycling fans with a beer and some pizza. 

If you can't make it and/or live a little too far away from the HQ in Bath Spa, Saris will be announcing a further five events soon in various locations up and down the country... but for those of you who are joining us, see you tonight at 6pm for some virtual riding, beer and pizza! That link to your free tickets again is here.  

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