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Scottish broadcaster asks why cyclists aren’t using A9 cycle path

Turns out she genuinely wanted to know - she guessed it wasn’t in good nick

When a motorist encounters cyclists and then asks what’s wrong with the bike path, it isn’t always rhetoric. Scottish broadcaster Lesley Riddoch actually wanted to know. And when she found out, she tried to do something about it.

On Monday, Riddoch tweeted:

She then followed up by saying:

The 273-mile A9 runs from Falkirk in central Scotland to Thurso in the far north. Riddoch described it as, “a dodgy road without anything extra to avoid.”

There is a cycle path alongside it for much of its length, but the quality of that path is predictably variable. Many cyclists replied to Riddoch to say as much.

John G Burns linked to something he’d written about the route in September 2012.

“Bear in mind that this is meant to be a road bike path, not a mountain bike trail,” he said. “The aim is to keep long distance cyclists doing runs such as Land's End to John O'Groats off the A9. These cyclists will be aiming to average at least 20mph and are often on heavily laden bikes that don't stop quickly in the wet.”

Burns encountered a huge amount of grit on the path, broken asphalt, potholes and unnecessarily steep gradients.

Other cyclists agreed that parts of the route were not well maintained, so Riddoch found out who was responsible for upkeep.

The stretch in question is managed by BEAR Scotland. Riddoch has asked them whether it is fit for purpose and is awaiting a response.

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