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Cardiff barrage cyclists no longer get the hump

Riders can now use speed bump-free roadway

There has been a small victory for common sense in Cardiff, with cyclists the beneficiaries, according to a letter in the Penarth Times.

Commuters who ride from the town to neighbouring Cardiff over the massive barrage which encloses Cardiff Bay, have been calling for the Cardiff Harbour Authority to remove speed bumps or the barrage roadway.

The Times' letter said the obstacles have caused accidents, damaged bikes and “had the potential to result in long-term spinal injuries.”

In their attempts to avoid them, cyclists had taken to riding on the pavement which led to the Authority upping the ante, using obstacles and signage in a bid to keep riders on the roadway.

With the removal of the speed bumps which, it seems, were largely redundant in the first place, cyclists now ride on the roadway, pedestrians walk unimpeded on the pavement and the Harbour Authority is happy there is no perceived conflict between the two.

As the Times' correspondent succinctly puts it: “Hooray.”

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