Live blog: Friends of Richmond Park rethink cyclist/deer comment; "We broke his f**king hour record didn't we?" Victor Campenaerts puzzled by Wiggo suggestion; Memo to Clarkson: London cycleway will actually result in MORE trees; Polite notice +more

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23 May 2019, 15:50
Giro d'Italia Stage 12: Hail, Cesare!

Benedetti takes win for Bora-Hansgrohe.

Stage report here.

23 May 2019, 15:50
23 May 2019, 15:41
Friends of Richmond Park rewrite ‘cyclist learns the hard way’ link to story about Stuart Hayes’ collision with a deer

On yesterday’s live blog, we reported how Olympian Stuart Hayes had been hit by a deer in Richmond Park.

Further down this page, we revealed that the triathlete suffered a broken pelvis in the collision.

Friends of Richmond Park initially reported the incident as, “cyclist learns the hard way that deer are wild animals and therefore unpredictable.”

They’ve since had a rethink and edited that.

23 May 2019, 15:29
Jesse Norman no longer a cycling minister

Norman has just been appointed Financial Secretary and Paymaster General for the Treasury. He also said: I have to admit I’m also really sad to be leaving @transportgovuk. So many good people, and so much good work done and to come on road safety, cycling and walking, decarbonisation/Road to Zero, electric vehicles/Future of Mobility, e-cargo bikes, light rail... thank you all."

23 May 2019, 15:26
Couriers who deliver blood and pathology samples striking over stagnant wages and previous pay cuts

They've accused executives and investors of ‘getting fat off NHS contracts’ at their expense.

Full story here.

23 May 2019, 14:26
New Ritchey Swiss Cross arrives for testing

We've taken to revealing our latest test bikes to land in the office over on Instagram, and the latest bike to be shared is this beauty. 

It's the latest Ritchey Swiss Cross, a classic steel cyclocross race bike which celebrates its 25th birthday and has a number of modernising changes, namely bigger 40mm tyre clearance, flat mount disc brakes and a more relaxed geometry.

23 May 2019, 14:04
A few sprinters dropped out of the Giro today
23 May 2019, 13:35
Video: Trailer for cycling-themed black comedy The Climb + the original short film

The film has been getting positive reviews at Cannes Film Festival.

You can watch the trailer and find out more about it here.

23 May 2019, 12:23
Campenaerts unimpressed by Wiggins' suggestions that a move to Team Ineos would be beneficial, saying "well we broke his f**king hour record didn't we?"

On Wiggins' latest podcast, he claimed that Victor Campenaerts would be better off moving to a team like Ineos from Lotto Soudal to get the best out of himself. Wiggins said: "He's in a Belgian team, the biggest Belgian team (Lotto Soudal, although we'd argue Deceuninck-Quick Step might dispute that) that's still acting like it's 1974.  

"If he went to Sky (meaning Team Ineos), he'd see the difference. What will happen is that they will offer him loads of money, he'll sign for three years and he'll stay there. It's like you could be so much more, Victor!"

In an interview with Sporza yesterday, Campenaerts admitted he was puzzled by Wiggins' comments, particularly as he's yet to sign anything for next season with Lotto Soudal:

"I don’t know anything about this, I’ll have to discuss that with John (Lelangue, the team manager)."

"Well, I’ve obviously just read and seen it, what can I say. He doesn’t seem to understand the workings of our team. We’ve fucking broke his hour record haven't we?

"They (Lotto Soudal) might appear to be more like a traditional team, however there’s a lot of progress been made when it comes to time trials. Since I’ve arrived and with Kevin de Weert we’ve made big advances. Not only for me but for the whole team and the hour record is proof of this.

The interviewer then asked Campenaerts specifically what he thought of Wiggins' belief that he has more success in him: "I hope that this is effectively true and I’ll try to get more out of myself. But I think that what I’ve shown thus far has been very promising. If you compare this to the other riders, with the exception of Roglič, it’s been good. And performing like this I can see myself winning against him."

Campenaerts added that there would be time for contract talks later in the year, and for now he's simply focussed on the upcoming Giro d'Italia time trial in Verona. 

*A huge thanks to Dutch-speaking readers Jeroen Geut and Elmar Becker for translating the Sporza interview for us!

23 May 2019, 12:49
Polite notice ...


23 May 2019, 12:45
... and a somewhat less polite one


23 May 2019, 12:58
Giro d'Italia marks 70th anniversary of perhaps its greatest ever stage

Today's Stage 12 of the Giro d'Italia starts in Cuneo and finishes in Pinerolo .... as did, 70 years ago, the most famous one in the race's history, whenn Fausto Coppi rode away to take the stage and, ultimately, the overall.

This piece on Eurosport by Felix Lowe - aka the TV channel's cyling blogger, Blazing Saddles - is well worth a read.

23 May 2019, 10:53
All Tramadol tests negative since painkiller was banned in March

Painkiller had been blamed for crashes in the peloton.

Full story here.

23 May 2019, 10:13
Ted King on racing Belgian Waffle Ride

Here's a pretty interesting and entertaining video by ex-pro Ted King, now gravel racer and brand ambassador, in preparing for and racing in the recent Belgian Waffle Ride, a 217km race over dirt, gravel, single-track, steep bergs, long climbs, creek crossings, and unrelenting head-winds according to the organisers.

23 May 2019, 10:00
Good enough for Peter Sagan...

...but good enough for our David? He's been getting to grips with Sportful's new Bomber 111 Suit, an aero one-piece garment that helped Peter Sagan to win Paris-Roubaix last year. But will it make David faster? Find out here.

23 May 2019, 09:59
New shorts for indoor cycling

File this one under what will they think of next, as Primal Europe has launched “turbo trainer optimised shorts” with its new eSport Bib Short. Check them out in detail here

23 May 2019, 09:11
Today's Giro d'Italia stage is slightly more interesting
23 May 2019, 08:47
Stu Hayes deer crash in Richmond Park - broken pelvis

We reported on yesterday's live blog that the triathlete, who competed in the 2012 Olympics, had an unfortunate collision with a deer on Tuesday evening (we've already done all the deer puns) and unfortunately it's resulted in a broken pelvis for Hayes. We're not sure on the condition of the bike or the deer, but we're wishing Stuart a speedy recovery. 

23 May 2019, 07:51
Dutch rush hour, part 59
23 May 2019, 07:51
Ultracyclist problems
23 May 2019, 07:48
Holland Park Avenue cycleway will result in MORE trees in the area, not fewer

Yesterday, Jeremy Clarkson was among those suggesting that a planned cycleway on Holland Park Avenue in London would see a number of trees chopped down.

A lot of people think this. There’s a ‘save the trees’ petition on

London’s cycling commissioner, Will Norman, concedes that two big trees will be chopped down – “neither in good condition” – but says that more trees will be planted than will be taken out.

Then there’s the whole ‘making the area a bit safer’ aspect on top of that.

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