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Live blog: Bike shop Brexit sign… divides opinion (but not how you'd think), Danny MacAskill launches YouTube channel (+ showreel video), Wear cycling shorts? Vogue says you're a fashionista + more

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27 March 2019, 17:38
Danny MacAskill launches own YouTube channel

Trials ace Danny MacAskill – catapulted to fame almost a decade ago by a short film shot in Edinburgh and who has featured in videos that have collectively racked up more than 300 million views, has launched his own YouTube channel.

Up until now, the Scot’s showpiece videos have featured on the social media channels of partners including Red Bull, Santa Cruz and – in the one that kicked it all off – Inspired Bicycles. Some of the highlights of his career to date appear on the showreel above, produced to coincide with the launch of his channel.

MacAskill said: “Better late than never, eh? I have been thinking about this for a very long time, because my approach to making videos just seems to be so much different than a lot of videos you see on YouTube every day.

“You won’t see daily edits popping up by any means. The plan is that I have my own space now, where I can chase some passion projects of mine.

“I have so many ideas on my list that I want to bring to life and I think that having my own space will give me more freedom to approach them.”

He added: “I will be kicking things off with a banger soon, just sit tight and watch this space!”

We can’t wait.

27 March 2019, 16:45
Fantastic sportsmanship by Michael Hepburn here

His Twitter bio is "it's just a bike race", and fittingly Hepburn selflessly stopped to help a stricken rider in this horror crash at the Volta a Catalunya earlier this afternoon. His teammate Adam Yates won the hilly third stage, with Thomas De Gendt of Lotto-Soudal retaining the overall lead. 

27 March 2019, 16:02
High5 launch new energy gummies, with no added gelatine

Coming in Berry or Caffeine Tropical varieties, the new gummies pack a carb-loaded punch in a resealable pouch. High5 promise a great taste, and both flavours contain the electrolytes sodium and potassium with added Vitamin B6.

They're also free from artificial sweeteners and include only natural flavourings, so are suitable for veggies and vegans. You can pick up multi-packs on High5's website now, with a box of 10 berry flavour priced at £14 and the caffeine tropical at £15. 

27 March 2019, 15:55
Dylan Groenewegen wins Brugge-De Panne

The Dutchman held off Fernando Gaviria, Elia Viviani and Nacer Bouhanni to win in a furious sprint to the line. 

27 March 2019, 15:12
Jonny Bellis suspended from role as Directeur Sportif of Drops women's team after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend

News broke last night that the 2008 Olympian had been convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, and now Bellis has been suspended from his current role as Directeur Sportif of the Drops pro women's team pending their own internal investigation. 

The 30-year-old told Cheltenham Magistrates Court he struck his partner at their home after a night out drinking, and he was fined £635 and ordered to pay £100 victim compensation. He was also given a five-year restraining order from the victim and told he must not make any contact.

27 March 2019, 15:04
Motorcycle racer Albert Arenas in intensive care following a cycling accident

The 22-year-old Spaniard, who competes in Moto3, suffered a lacerated spleen and various other injuries, and in a statement his team said: “On Monday night Arenas underwent a procedure overseen by Dr Muxart that involved the embolisation of the bleeding vessels in order to avoid the necessitation of a spleen removal. Arenas will be kept in the Intensive Care Unit for between 24 and 48 hours.”

27 March 2019, 12:48
Bike shop Brexit sign divides opinion (shocker)

A tweeted picture of a pro-Brexit sign displayed in the window of a Welsh bike shop has – predictably – divided opinion, although not in quite the way you’d expect.

proclaims the prominent sign in the window of East End Cycles in Colywn Bay, North Wales (not to be confused with shops of the same name in London and Edinburgh) which also points out that people under 70 won’t remember rationing and living on bread and dripping… er, no.

The main focus of online debate so far - hasn’t been around the rights or wrongs of Brexit or indeed any inconsistencies of the poster’s argument (someone has picked up on the …ahem, slight, over-estimate of the current UK population) but whether it’s valid to say you won’t be spending any money with East End Cycles because you don’t agree with the sentiments or undermining free speech by taking your money elsewhere, a somewhat moot point given that most of those commenting live at the other end of the country and quite a few of them are assuming East End Cycles is in the East End of London.
Conwy voted 54% to 46% for Brexit in the 2016 referendum. East End Cycles in Colwyn Bay does not appear to have a presence on social media, but you probably guessed that.

27 March 2019, 11:52
It's called fashion, darling. Look it up.

Embarrassed when you have to nip into a shop in your lycra? Now you don't have to be.

This was spotted in Vogue so it must be true. But remember to style with killer heels and a top that complements your neckline.

27 March 2019, 09:26
Asmara, Eritrea's capital, is a "cycling paradise" according to BBC feature
Future_of_Eritrea wikimedia commons

The reasons for it may not be all so positive, but the BBC reports that Asmara has unintentionally turned itself into a great place to ride a bike. Factors such as conflicts, diplomatic isolation and lack of funds to buy cars for the average Eritrean have led to the situation, but with cycling easily being the most popular sport in the country, brought over by the Italians in Eritrea's colonial days, you don't see too many locals complaining. The few cars that are on the streets are often old and buses are even few and far between, meaning the bike rules in Asmara. 

The feature also details how Eritrea is one of the only countries in the Horn of Africa with an extensive environmental policy, with the government limiting plastic production and usage, running reforestation campaigns and distributing bikes imported from Dubai and China.

The country has also produced numerous pro cyclists, including Daniel Teklehaimanot Girmazion who last rode for Team Confidis. 

27 March 2019, 09:25
Extra cardio for the Dutch national football team
27 March 2019, 09:23
This is a great idea

Although you might not get the same levels of patience in some countries...

27 March 2019, 09:12
This is one hell of a thread

We're a bit late to spot this, but check out this thread detailing some of the history behind women, bicycles and dating apps (it all makes perfect sense after reading it!)

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