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Live blog: Waitress was "suggestive with her ass", says father of Iljo Keisse as he says son wasn't to blame for harassment incident; "We don't treat crime committed in cars as serious crime" - Boardman; Roy Keane on cycling +more

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31 January 2019, 17:07
Iljo Keisse.jpg
Waitress was "suggestive with her ass", claims the father of Iljo Keisse

It's the story that keeps on digging a hole... and just when it appeared the worst might have blown over for Belgian Quick-Step rider Iljo Keisse, who earlier this week was accused of rubbing his genitals on a waitress during a photo opportunity, his father has now waded in apparently suggesting that the woman in question might have been partly to blame. From an article on the Dutch website, these are the words we've got from Google Translate, which admittedly may have made Keisse SNR's words sound harsher than originally intended: "That woman is also very suggestive with her ass behind. Who says that Iljo should not file a complaint against her? It should not have happened, but he apologised and will have to bear the consequences. Now we are waiting until the storm blows."

You could say these latest comments are ill-advised at best when Keisse himself had already apologised for his actions. Quick-Step's sponsor Deceuninck have already publicly stated that they whole heartedly condemn Keisse' actions too, according to  

31 January 2019, 17:03
Chris Hoy responds to Twitter commenter criticising him for fronting #OneInAMillion campaign to get more women cycling

Hoy appeared pretty furious at the criticism, with many other backing him up in the comments below. Hoy appeared on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning talking about the campaign, which aims to get a million more women on bikes by 2020. 

31 January 2019, 16:55
Quick-Step/Lefevere's reaction to Keisee harassment incident - not that surprising?

According to José Been she wasn't allowed on the Wanty-Gobert bus four years ago, which may not come as a surprise to some.  

31 January 2019, 16:11
Driver on NSW cycle path (via CARMAFIA on Facebook).PNG
Aussie motorist filmed himself driving on cycle track and abusing cyclists... who turned out to be off-duty police officers

A campaign's been launched to pay the driver’s legal fees because he’s “an Aussie hero”.

More here.

31 January 2019, 13:16
Chris Boardman (via YouTube).jpg
"We don't treat crime committed in cars as serious crime" - Boardman

The man who hit and killed Carol Boardman has been sentenced to 30 weeks in prison. (Full story here.)

Speaking before he was sentenced, Chris Boardman gave his thoughts on such crimes, telling the Press Association that, “the devastation behind carelessness is just unbelievable.”

He said: "We don't treat crime committed in cars as serious crime, so somebody can be careless and crush somebody else to death and it's classed as careless."

Boardman insisted he does not want to see “big custodial sentences” for people convicted of driving offences.

“I would like to see more driving bans,” he said. “Driving is a privilege, so I don’t want those people who commit crime – and that’s what this is – become a burden on society. I’d just like them not to be able to do that to anybody else ever again.”

31 January 2019, 12:18
Angry driver
Video: Driver enraged by cyclist riding in middle of lane

"Are you not reading your fucking cycling licence?"

Watch the video here.

31 January 2019, 11:38
Driver who killed Carol Boardman is jailed for 30 weeks.

The motorist who killed Carol Boardman, the mother of Chris Boardman, has been jailed for 30 weeks and disqualified from driving for 18 and a half months. 33-year-old Liam Rosney pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving in December and was sentenced at Mold Crown Court this morning. A full story and more coverage on the live blog to follow. 

31 January 2019, 11:27
Another reason why Aussies might wanna stay out of the bike lane?

Just a casual stroll for this croc, spotted around the Cairns area. Following our story about two cyclists in New South Wales getting a mouthful of abuse for (perfectly legally) riding on a road instead of a shared use path, maybe this is another reason to stick to the main highway! 

31 January 2019, 11:15
Date for Paul Sherwen memorial at Manchester Cathedral announced

A memorial for the legendary cycling commentator will take place at Manchester Cathedral on Wednesday 6th Febrary at 2.30pm, with all welcome to attend. 

31 January 2019, 11:06
Near miss
Near Miss of the Day 246: Cyclists move into single file to let drivers past ... and are rewarded with a punishment pass
31 January 2019, 10:58

Lookin’ good @allcitycyclesuk!#corebike #allcitycycles #allcity #custom #cycling #bikes #fresh

A post shared by ( on

One of our highlights from the Corebike show this week, where we got to see some of the newest and shiniest new bike bits out there at the moment. This is a custom paint job on an All-City Cycles steel beauty.  

31 January 2019, 10:42
Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 10.53.47
They're not. They're really not...

Well at least the potholes are frozen over at the moment! 

31 January 2019, 10:31
Roy Keane (via Irish Examiner)
Roy Keane on cycling

Roy's struggling to get his head around the idea of doing sport for any reason other than to be the absolute best at it.

"I see people out cycling and think, 'Maybe I should buy a racer?' But I wouldn't be into all the gear and the glasses.

"I look at people about 20 stone out cycling and say 'What’s the point in you cycling?' I still have that mindset, forgetting the fact that maybe they enjoy it."

Via the Irish Examiner.

31 January 2019, 08:41
Alaphilippe Specialized S-Works Tarmac QuickStep Floors Facebook
Alaphilippe sits out podium ceremony after team-mate’s expulsion for sexual harassment

Julian Alaphilippe and two Deceuninck-QuickStep team-mates skipped the podium ceremony after stage 4 of the Vuelta a San Juan yesterday.

Sporza reports that the Belgian team cited fatigue as the reason for their decision and a spokesman suggested that the stress resulting from Iljo Keisse’s expulsion from the race was a factor. He denied that it was a form of protest.

Alaphilippe is leading the race, while best U23 rider Remco Evenepoel and stage third-place finisher Alvaro Hodeg would also have appeared on stage ordinarily.

All three were fined 500 Swiss francs and penalised three UCI points.

Keisse was thrown out of the race after he allegedly rubbed his genitals against a waitress on Monday as she posed for a photograph with him and team mates. He was also fined by a judge as a result of the incident.

Team manager Patrick Lefevere was reportedly so incensed by the decision that he threatened to withdraw the team from the race, but they have since confirmed that they will continue.

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