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Live blog: Video: Cyclist clipped by wing mirror – no action taken; Whoopi Goldberg says bike lanes are "screwing up" New York, Twitter post threatening to "run over" cyclists backfires, important Lance Armstrong lavatory news + more

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17 January 2019, 16:11
Video: Cyclist clipped by passing driver’s wing mirror – sluggish police response meant no action was taken

BRM 1-1 from BRM on Vimeo.

The incident occurred on Holcroft Lane, which runs between Glazebrook and Culcheth in Cheshire.

Barry writes: “After being told by the police this would be treated as a failure to stop, the investigating officer then decided that because I had traced the car's insurers, it would be left to the insurers to apportion blame.

“It was only after exchanges with the police that they decided to do something about the driving offences and it was clear the most likely outcome was going to a driving awareness course (DAC). The driver was finally contacted and agreed to go on a DAC.

“The investigating officer's recommendation for a DAC for the driver was ‘declined due to evidence and not in the public interest to prosecute. Also the time elapsed since the initial incident.’ As a result the police are taking no further action against this driver.”

Barry added that the delay was with the police not him. “They had the full footage and a statement from me the same evening as the incident.”

17 January 2019, 15:50
John Adams Way (via StreetView)
Police say driver "may not have realised" that Lincolnshire cyclist was pushed into railings
17 January 2019, 15:28
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 15.27.07
Froome out for a casual spin in South Africa

The 140 mile ride with teammate Salvatore Puccio covered over 22,000 feet of climbing... only to be flagged by vigilant/jealous members of the Strava community (team car suspicions perhaps?)

Click here to see the deets. 

17 January 2019, 14:18
Spanish actor releases seriously shocking video of a French motorist ploughing into the back of him while cycling

Dani Rovira, who was taking part in charity challenge, was somehow back on his bike the following day.

Watch the video here.

17 January 2019, 13:16
New York City segregated cycle lane (CC licensed on Flickr by Dylan Passmore)
“You screwed the city up,” says Whoopi Goldberg of New York bike lanes

The actress has been praised in the past for her activism promoting LGBT rights, but perhaps the same can't be said of her views on the environment after she expressed her dislike for segregated bike lanes in New York City. Appearing on ABC's 'The View', Goldberg said to the New York Mayor Bill de Blasio: “You know what’s really pissing me off? You’ve built 83 miles of protected bike lanes, okay. And I like bikes, I like people who ride, but I don’t think you understand the impact of taking something like 10th Avenue, which is six lanes down to two-and-a-half, particularly when you have a winter storm and you can’t move – none of that is movable.

“You screwed the city up. I come in every day, and I find that because you can’t make a turn anywhere, you can’t go straight anywhere. When there is a storm, people can’t move anywhere, because you got all these medians in the way, and I’m just saying you might want to take a look at some of this. Because now you have Cuomo coming in talking about congestion pricing, and I kind of feel like it’s a set up.”

Goldberg has been reminded by transport activists that the bike lanes, part of New York's Vision Zero, are reducing road deaths according to stats. Speaking to Metro USA, Joe Cutrufo of Transportation Alternatives said: “Vision zero is saving lives. She contends that the mayor has screwed up the city, we would argue that cutting traffic fatalities by a third in just five years is the opposite of that. Maybe even more important, bike lanes are a critical part of the transportation system in a city where the majority of residents don’t drive.

Of the 3.8 million workers in New York City, only 27 percent commute via car, truck or van, according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation. In Manhattan specifically that number drops to 8 percent. For a long time there has been a perception that drivers rule the roost, that needs to change and frankly that is changing. We have reclaimed many miles of street space in this city and intend to reclaim even more.

“You can’t move as many people in cars as you can in space-efficient modes like buses and bikes and [by] walking. It’s a shame that this narrative continues when the benefits of designing streets for pedestrian and bicyclists and transit riders are so obvious, for economic and environmental and equity benefits.”


17 January 2019, 13:08
Well this is going well... #bloodycyclists

Probably not a great idea to plan an attempted murder on social media, but we reckon this individual may learn her lesson (well we hope so before getting in a car again) judging by the comments...

17 January 2019, 11:31
Jess Varnish celebrates a gold medal and  world record (© Dene Percy)
Jess Varnish fails in attempt to prove she was employee of British Cycling and UK Sport

British Cycling says its culture has improved since Varnish raised concerns and it hopes to ‘welcome her to national cycling centre’.

More here.

17 January 2019, 11:16
Sagan applauds teammates after TDU victory

I am very happy to take this win, my first at the @tourdownunder and the new season. The guys from CCC controlled the pace and then @borahansgrohe worked hard to keep me on the front and take care of me, keeping me hydrated. In the end it was a great finish – when we passed the last climb I thought it was going to be like last year and in the end, it just happened exactly the same. It was much better having some experience of a finale like this and I’m very happy we came to the finish with climbers because it made the sprint easier, but Sanchez was really close to taking the win. It was close but still a great result, thanks to the effort of the whole team. (Photos @dariobelingheri / @bettiniphoto) Som veľmi šťastný, že sa mi podarilo vyhrať, je to moje prvé víťazstvo na Tour Down Under a tiež prvé v novej sezóne. Jazdci tímu CCC, kontrolovali celý deň priebeh pretekov a náš tím BORA-hansgrohe sa mohol sústrediť na to aby som zostal v bezpečí na čele a dobre hydratovaný. Nakoniec to bol výborný finiš - po poslednom kopci som si pomyslel, že to bude rovnaké ako pred rokom a to sa aj stalo. Pomohlo mi, že túto koncovku som poznal. Rovnako som bol rád, že som dorazil do cieľa v skupine vrchárov, pretože sa mi špurtovalo ľahšie, aj keď Sanchez bol blízko ku víťazstvu. Bolo to tesné, ale aj tak výborný výsledok vďaka úsiliu celého tímu.

A post shared by Peter Sagan (@petosagan) on

17 January 2019, 11:14
17 January 2019, 09:23
Lance Armstrong (via YouTube)
BREAKING: Lance Armstrong shows us his toilet

We know that many of you become violently enraged whenever we cover anything to do with Lance Armstrong, so we’ve made a vow that from now on we’ll only do Lance stories that are of the utmost importance.

Today’s big news is that he showed Architectural Digest round his home in Aspen and made a big point of showing them the toilet.

Apparently he has one of those Squatty Potties because he once saw Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad recommending them on TV.

17 January 2019, 08:56
Stage four of the Tour Down Under features the Corkscrew climb about 6km from the finish

This is normally the point in the race where we get a much clearer idea who’s going to win.

17 January 2019, 08:50
Peter Sagan takes first victory of the season (+ videos)

Peter Sagan took a bike-throwingly narrow victory on stage three of the Tour Down Under in the Adelaide Hills - same as he did last year.

Behind Sagan everything was completely different. Luis León Sánchez was second and Daryl Impey was third. Last year Impey was second and Sanchez was third.

The Kiwi Patrick Bevin retains the overall lead by a second from Sagan.

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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