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Thomas De Gendt and Tim Wellens finish bikepacking trip home from Il Lombardia

Pizza, pastries and 1,000km at 30km/h

Lotto-Soudal riders Thomas De Gendt and Tim Wellens have completed their bikepacking trip home to Belgium from Il Lombardia in Italy.

Speaking before they set off, De Gendt said: "We’re chucking all the luggage on the bike in Italy and then we’ll ride from hotel to hotel at ease, without too much of a rush.”

Thomas De Gendt’s definition of “at ease” may differ from yours. The two men rode 1,000km in six days.

“Despite the luggage we carried on our bike, we still had an average speed of more than 30km/h this week,” he said.

The rest of De Gendt’s Twitter output from the trip is rather easier to identify with. The majority of the photographs feature pizza, pasta, pastries or beer.



He said they suffered only two punctures between them – one just 5km from home.

As for whether they’d repeat the trip, he wasn’t so sure.

“We don’t regret this adventure, but won’t make any promises to repeat the effort. Tim and I really enjoyed ourselves. Yesterday evening we had dinner with Maxime Monfort and the day before Lars Bak had left a surprise at our hotel.

“We could enjoy nature along our route – something that’s not possible in a race. Physically we still feel fine, but we are also happy to have a holiday now. We were surprised by the support we got and the number of people that followed our adventure. Thank you to everybody.”

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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Chris Hayes | 5 years ago

They must have passed some pretty surprised tourers along the route,,, great story. 

Freddy56 | 5 years ago
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2 blokes go touring. happens daily.NEXT

srchar replied to Freddy56 | 5 years ago

Freddy56 wrote:

2 blokes go touring. happens daily.NEXT

Do please start a thread when you and a mate do 1,000km in six days at 30km/h average.

McHackety replied to srchar | 5 years ago

Wasn't actually 30km per hour though. Nice that theres some normality and actual joy in just riding their bikes in the pro peloton all the same.

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