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Some of our highlights from this week on two wheels...

1. The bikes of the 2018 Tour de France — who's riding what in the world's biggest race


We spent some of last week out in France eyeing up all the bikes at this year's Tour; and now without further ado, here's your definitive list of who's riding what... .
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2. Eurobike 2018: New GPS cycle computers from Garmin, Lezyne and Stages + video

We've also been scouring the halls at Eurobike, and here Dave Arthur checks out the new GPS computers on offer from Garmin, Lezyne and Stages... 
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3. Rotor 1x13 – all you need to know about Rotor's latest hydraulic groupset


And here's one of the stories of Eurobike... Rotor's 13 speed groupset! Dave delves a bit deeper into the working of it this article. 
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4. CeramicSpeed Driven – 99% efficient 13-spd chainless drive shaft concept shown at Eurobike

Another one that's really raised eyebrows at Eurobike is Ceramic Speed's unique drivetrain system, that does away with the humble chain. They say that the Driven 13-speed pinion drive shaft concept, which swaps derailleurs and chains for a drive shaft, provides 49% less friction with a near 99% efficient drivetrain. 
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5. Could the UCI be set to finally scrap or lower the 6.8kg weight limit? 

6.8kg scales 2 - 1.jpg

Lowering or scraping the 6.8kg minimum weight limit that all professional race bikes must adhere to is something that has been talked about for many years, but there are fresh rumours doing the rounds that suggest the UCI might be closer to updating the rule book. Is it the way forward? Have your say in our poll if you haven't already! 
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6. Wada stands by Salbutamol test

Inhaler (CC licensed by Ben Dalton on Flickr)

The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) has defended its Salbutamol test after it accepted Chris Froome had not committed an anti-doping rule violation despite returning a sample with high levels of the asthma drug during last year's Vuelta a Espana. Ken Fitch, who was responsible for the WADA test, says he made ‘a terrible blunder’ when calculating the threshold.
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7. Study reveals best place for Tour riders to be in the peloton if they want to make the break


A new study(link is external) by academics in the Netherlands has found that cyclist riding in a peloton get much more protection from wind resistance than was previously thought to be the case.
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8. In 2014 Boris Johnson blamed the UK for blocking EU rules on safer lorries - now he blames the EU

Mercedes Econic.jpg

The letter by which Boris Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary was pored over and dissected by political analysts and journalists, but for cycling campaigners there was one passage that jumped it, with the former Mayor of London claiming that EU rules prevented him from introducing safer lorries to the city’s streets.
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9. Campaigners slam government for ignoring e-bikes in Road to Zero emissions strategy

Big Ben © Simon MacMichael

The government’s Road to Zero strategy, which seeks to lay the groundwork for eliminating almost all road traffic emissions by 2050, has been criticised by cycling campaigners for failing to acknowledge the role electric bicycles can play in helping achieve that target.
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10. Study: Cycling daily reduces obesity - unless it's an e-bike

London cyclists at traffic lights (copyright

A study of travel habits in seven European cities has found that people who ride their bikes daily have the lowest body mass index (BMI) of any class of transport user – unless the bicycle in question is an electric one, in which case they rank second only to motorists in terms of obesity levels.
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